Are Bamboo Pillows Any Good? Pros & Cons

High-quality sleep allows you to relax well and be in a good mood. Of course, bedding and pillows play a very important role. The choice of pillows should be approached especially carefully, especially since their assortment is wide and varied. Modern technology offers many options for fillers, from natural to artificial. Exotic bamboo fibre has recently come to the market. Let’s see whether bamboo pillows are any good.

Are bamboo pillows any good? Bamboo pillows are considered to be good due to their qualities such as eco-friendliness, comfort, hygroscopicity, hypoallergenicity and antibacterial properties. Bamboo pillows are soft yet resilient and they ensure complete rest. Bamboo pillows also do not collect mites and other pathogenic microflora.

Now let’s dive into the pros and cons of bamboo pillows and you will decide whether they are worth buying.

What Are The Benefits of a Bamboo Pillow? Bamboo Pillow Pros:

Bamboo pillows have a number of benefits such as:

  • Bamboo pillows are hypoallergenic. The fibre is not just hypoallergenic, it also has the ability to reduce the allergies due to its unique composition, which is noted even by the doctors.
  • Bamboo pillows are hygroscopic and instantly absorb moisture and dry quickly, which is very important in the hot summer season. Bamboo pillows allow air to pass through perfectly without causing sweating.
    The fibre is hygroscopic, perfectly absorbs moisture, sweat, but after sleep, the bamboo pillow must be thoroughly dried. Sleeping on such a pillow in the heat is a pleasure. There will be a pleasant coolness, and in the cold season, it is warm and cosy. Bamboo pillows are perfect for humid climates.
  • Bamboo pillows are elastic, perfectly keep their shape and have sufficient rigidity. Sleeping on such a pillow in the morning will not bring neck pain and back problems.
  • Bamboo pillows are bactericidal, which will kill all the ticks and other pathogens in bamboo viscose. They are neutral, do not accumulate odours.
    The stem of the plant has an antibiotic in its composition, thanks to which it does not undergo putrefactive processes in conditions of high humidity. This property is also preserved in the fibre, microbes in it quickly die. Therefore, the filler is safe for the consumer.
  • Bamboo pillows are easy to care and wash. They do not require maintenance in dry cleaners, home conditions are enough.
    Wash the bamboo pillow once every few months. Dry flat on a dryer or outdoors in the shade. It is imperative to check how well the pillow has dried. If you leave a bamboo pillow while it is still damp, you shorten its lifespan.
    After a night’s rest, you should not cover the bamboo pillows with a blanket but leave it in an open space for ventilation. The moisture absorbed by the fibre during the night’s rest should evaporate.
  • Bamboo pillows are durable and reliable. How long do bamboo pillows last? Bamboo pillows last up to two years if you wash them properly and use constantly. Basically, you will need to replace your bamboo pillow somewhere between a year and a half to two years.
  • Bamboo pillows are affordable, they are not much more expensive than other varieties. On average, bamboo pillows cost 40-60$. Make sure you buy bamboo pillows only in reliable shops.
  • Bamboo pillows are eco-friendly. Bamboo does not require chemical growth stimulants and fertilizers, and the fibre after processing remains environmentally friendly and harmless to health.
  • Bamboo pillows are comfortable.  The soft yet resilient pillow has a relaxing effect, ensuring complete rest.
  • Bamboo pillows are practical. Bamboo pillows are light, soft, comfortable, and take the shape of the head. They are often purchased for young children and the elderly to provide them with the highest sleep comfort.
  • Bamboo pillows are good for your skin. Women will appreciate, first of all, that bamboo pillows will help preserve youthful skin. This is due to the antioxidant pectin in the fibre. It serves to moisturize the skin and prevent ageing.
    However, in various sources, you can see the information that the bamboo pillow can solve many skin problems, such as wrinkles, acne and acne. This cannot be fully considered true, and the bamboo does not have such a healing effect. But it will be possible to eliminate irritation on the skin, the cause of which could be linen mites because in such conditions they do not multiply.
  • Bamboo pillows do not absorb or diffuse odours. There is no need to be afraid that your favourite bamboo pillow will acquire an unattractive scent and cause unpleasant sensations.
  • Touching and rubbing bamboo pillows do not generate static electricity.
  • Bamboo pillows do not attract or accumulate dust micro-particles.
  • Bamboo pillows do not require dry cleaning. The pillows can be washed in the washing machine directly in the cover. The main thing is to set the delicate wash mode with an additional rinse cycle.
  • The bamboo pillow feels a bit like cotton to the touch, but it is softer and more delicate. Has a specific “soft” shine which is not as cold as artificial silk.

That said, the undoubted benefit of bamboo pillows is that natural and synthetic materials used in their production do not cause allergic reactions. Unlike the feather of a bird or any kind of wool, ticks or fungi and microbes dangerous to health will never appear in such a filler.  Bamboo pillows are ideal for use in places with a humid climate: even with high humidity, they can remain completely dry.

They perfectly retain their shape, but it should be borne in mind that with prolonged use, their internal composition still becomes denser. Bamboo pillows rarely get dirty, there is no need to take them to dry cleaning, and washing is carried out simply in the machine. After washing, they dry out very quickly without losing their previous shape.

Bamboo Pillow Cons:

There are much fewer negative qualities. But still, there are several nuances that you should pay attention to when deciding to buy a bamboo pillow:

  • In hot and very humid climates, the high hygroscopicity of bamboo fibre becomes more of a problem. The bamboo pillow, like a sponge, absorbs vapours from the environment without being able to dry out during the day.
  • Bamboo bedding wrinkles faster and loses its original shape. Therefore, to extend the service life, such products must be regularly straightened and whipped by hand.
  • Bamboo pillows may be too soft and may not provide adequate neck support. If you have a history of similar diagnoses, then before buying, be sure to consult with your doctor.
    Since their filler is extremely soft, they are not suitable for people suffering from neck pain of any origin, be it osteochondrosis or a herniated disc. For such diseases, orthopaedic pillows with good neck support are needed, which, unfortunately, bamboo cannot provide.
  • Are bamboo pillowcases good for skin? Even though bamboo pillows are good for skin, but they are not a panacea for all skin problems: they will not cure dermatitis, will not relieve allergies, and will not rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck. But it will be possible to eliminate irritation on the skin, the cause of which could be linen mites because in such conditions they do not multiply.
  • Yes, this pillow is able to alleviate the condition of allergy sufferers since dust mites do not settle in such products, but you should not expect some miracles.

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Review — Testing As Seen on TV Products

What is so special about bamboo pillows? A pillow filled with bamboo fibre has many advantages and almost no disadvantages. In the sphere of consumer interests, it has overtaken the usual fluff, feathers, camel hair, and artificial analogues, this is what makes bamboo pillows so special. 

Usually, manufacturers do not use bamboo as the only filler, they add some synthetic material, too. However, it ll depends on a particular pillow. But this only improves the quality of the filler, allowing it to remain light and airy.

Are Bamboo Pillows Toxic?

Bamboo pillows are not toxic at all since regardless of the technology used to produce the bamboo pillow, it does not emit toxic substances and remains safe for health. During the process of manufacturing a bamboo pillow, all the toxic residues are eliminated so the filler for bamboo pillows becomes 100% environmentally friendly, unable to harm the body and health.

Bamboo fibre products can be purchased at any home textile department. When buying, you need to take a good look at the bamboo pillow and try it by touch, squeeze it well in your hands. No extraneous smell should be felt. Bamboo has a pleasant tactile feel. It does not deform and easily takes its original shape.

Obviously, good-quality bamboo pillows cannot be cheap. So be ready to spend 50-70$ on one bamboo pillow. But this is a good investment since you will receive a good sleep that will raise your mood and overall state.

Is Bamboo Good and Cool to Sleep On?

Bamboo pillows are lightweight, practical and comfortable. Sleeping on a bamboo pillow is always good and cool. The bamboo is hygroscopic, perfectly absorbs moisture, sweat, but after sleep, the bamboo pillow must be thoroughly dried. Sleeping on such a pillow in the heat is a pleasure. There will be a pleasant coolness, and in the cold season, it is warm and cosy. Bamboo pillows are perfect for humid climates.

To get the best out of a bamboo pillow you need to know how to choose a good-quality pillow.

How to Choose a Good Bamboo Pillow?

For a pillow to have all the advantages of bamboo filler, you need to be careful when buying. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers around. There is a risk to buy a fake or just a low-quality product. Such a purchase is especially dangerous if it was intended for a child.

  • The composition must indicate that the filler is 100% bamboo, bamboo cellulose, bamboo fibre. If synthetics are added, it shouldn’t be too much.
  • First of all, you need to do a simple test. Take a deep breath through the pillow. If the air does not flow, then it is not bamboo inside, but something synthetic of low quality.
  • Smell plays an important role, and it doesn’t matter whether it comes from the filler or from the cover. The sleeping pillow should not exude any scent.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the seam, the smoother and better it is sealed, the more solid the manufacturer and the more chances for a long service life of the product. All seams should be well stitched, preferably double seams. The label should contain information about the composition of the product, about its manufacturer and recommendations for care.
  • Bamboo perfectly allows air to pass through, if you try to inhale through the pillow, there should be no hitch. It didn’t work out, they are trying to sell a fake.
  • For those who like to lie on their side, an orthopaedic bamboo pillow is suitable. It is more expensive but will protect the neck from osteochondrosis. Therefore, if the question arises: “which orthopaedic pillow to choose?”, you should choose bamboo.
  • It is not difficult to choose the correct size of the pillow, the distance from the neck to the base of the shoulder (12-15 cm) is equal to the height of the pillow, at which the correct support of the head and cervical spine will be provided. The length and width of the product are selected at will, it is advisable to take into account the dimensions of the bed.
  • It is worth trusting stores that have the necessary documents (certificates confirming quality, licenses).

The Bottom Line

Bamboo pillows have been on the market recently as they are a modern invention. There is not yet sufficient research into the health benefits of this innovative material for human health.

Many manufacturers come up with new options in an attempt to sell their product at a higher price. However, do not fall for marketing gimmicks and overpay for mythical, unproven beneficial properties.

But it is impossible to deny the fact that bamboo filler has a good set of characteristics and is optimal in terms of price. If you need a pillow that will heal and rejuvenate while you sleep, then this product, of course, will not work. But if you’re looking for comfortable, hypoallergenic bedding that’s easy to care for, this is an acceptable option.

Thus, bamboo pillows are a great alternative to traditional feather products and synthetic padding bedding. They really give a comfortable and healthy sleep.


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