Can You Put Metal in the Microwave?

The world without microwave ovens, of course, would be a lot more difficult. It is a real assistant in the kitchen, that can warm up food, prepare interesting dishes, bake, grill, defrost, in general, the microwave gives no less ample scope for creativity than the oven and stove. However, there are a number of nuances: not all dishes can be used in a microwave oven, some dishes are not partially suitable for this purpose, and some can cause big damage. Let’s find out whether you can put metal in the microwave.

Can you put metal in the microwave? No, you cannot put metal in the microwave since the metal reflects waves that can lead to an explosion. At best, you will throw the oven away, at worst, you can easily get injured. Iron, aluminum, enameled and other metal utensils must not be placed in the microwave oven because they start to spark. There is also the potential for static discharge in cracked metal cookware.

Can you put a metal bowl in the microwave? You also cannot put a metal bowl in the microwave because it is strictly forbidden to use metal cookware due to the reflective properties of its surfaces. Microwaves are not able to penetrate the metal. This can cause a strong discharge of electricity and the microwave will become unusable or an explosion may occur. The magnetron will not withstand heavy loads.

However, there are three exceptions, when you can put metal in the microwave. Metal can be used in the microwave on three occasions. When using metal foil or containers, make sure that the metal does not touch the walls of the oven. Let’s dive into this.

What Kind of Metal Can You Put in a Microwave?

1. Aluminum foil. A small amount of foil can be used in the oven, mainly for insulation. For example, if you are baking a turkey and the wings start to burn, you can wrap them in small strips of foil; in this case, baking will stop. In any case, the metal is used for a large volume of products.

2. Frozen foods in foil containers. The foil container in which food is cooked should be no more than 2 cm deep. Remember that metal reflects waves and they do not fall on the food. Therefore, it is imperative to remove the top layer of the foil, put the open container in a paper box or bag in which it was packed, and in this form put everything in the oven.

3. Metal skewers. Metal skewers can be used if large pieces are strung on them. If an electric arc occurs, turn off the oven and replace the metal skewers with wooden ones.

What Does Metal REALLY Do In A Microwave?

What Happens When You Put Metal in the Microwave?

There are three possible outcomes of what happens when you put metal in the microwave.

  1. Metal utensils in the microwave can create a charge like lightning. This process will at least break the microwave.
  2. Metal reflects microwaves, so there is a possibility of static discharge. This process is dangerous because it can lead to an explosion. In the best case, you will have to throw out the oven, and in the worst case, you will get health problems.
  3. Metal in a conventional microwave heats up very quickly and can set the oven on fire.

But why is this happening? Let’s try to understand in more detail the basic physical processes that occur during the operation of this type of household equipment.

Why does a microwave explode when you put metal in it? Microwaves are absorbed by metal, the thin parts of which can spark and heat up to a fire, which could result in a fire, and therefore a microwave will explode when you put metal in it.

In a microwave oven, the process of heating food takes place thanks to microwaves. The physical characteristics of these waves do not allow heating food in metal. In the case of using open-type metal dishes, you can still hope for partial heating of food. If the container is sealed, do not even try to heat the food up. In this case, there will be a complete beating of microwaves from the walls of the metal. They will have a devastating effect on the functionality of the microwave.

Well, we buy a microwave oven in order to heat food to the required temperature in the shortest possible time, and not to carry out all kinds of experiments that can endanger our life. Therefore, if you strictly follow all instructions and requirements for operation, this household appliance will delight you for many years with a high reliability of operation and a huge number of functions.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in the Microwave?

You should not put aluminum foil in the microwave. The foil will cause cracking and arcing inside the case. Most often, such experiments lead to the failure of a household appliance. Also, under the influence of the high temperature created by microwaves, the foil paper is destroyed. Heavy metal particles are deposited in food. When ingested, they accumulate, which leads to the occurrence of many diseases.

Is it safe to heat food in aluminum foil? It is completely safe to heat food in aluminum foil if the foil is microwave oven friendly. There is a special type of foil paper that can be used in such a device. In terms of its external qualities, it is similar to the usual one, but it has a slightly greater thickness, is characterized by the required heat resistance, and has special holes for steam passage. Thus, food placed in this material does not overheat.

This special foil in the microwave makes it possible to cook and reheat food. Of course, it’s better not to just wrap a piece of meat or fish in such material. Better to put it in a bowl, and put on a special foil pad on top.

Can you eat food that has been microwaved in aluminum foil?


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