Can You Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine? How to Dry Your Them after Washing?

You might have asked yourself thousands of times whether it is safe to wash your shoes in a washing machine. It really is simple, you can wash your sneakers in the washing machine if you follow some easy-to-remember tips:

  • Inspect your shoes carefully before washing. Is there anything that can get stuck in the washing machine destroying it forever?
  • Remove the laces and insoles from the shoe. 
  • Put your shoes under a stream of water to remove sand and dust.
  • Put your sneakers in the washing bag as it will prevent them from hitting your washing machine. If you don’t have a washing bag, use an old pillowcase.
  • Put only one or two pairs of shoes in the washing machine, since there have been cases when heavy shoes knocked out the glass door of the washing machine.
  • Choose a delicate washing machine cycle to wash your shoes. The temperature should be 30-40 degrees. Put some detergent.
  • To sanitize your sneakers, add a few drops of pine, fir, tea tree, eucalyptus, thyme oil to the water when washing. All of these oils have antibacterial properties and will make your shoes smell better.
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Congratulations! Now your shoes are clean, but we also need to dry them, so here are some ways how to dry shoes after washing:

  • A fan. Just putt wet sneakers in front of the fan for an hour or two.
  • Air conditioning. The same as with the fan, just make sure that your sneakers are getting the airflow.
  • Vacuum cleaner. This option may not seem obvious and it will not dry your shoes completely but it will help to absorb some wetness. Vacuum your shoes for 15-2- minutes each.
  • Hairdryer. While this may seem a very convenient option, but you have got to be extra careful with it. Do not dry them with hot air: this can melt the fabric inside. It is better to choose a cold regime and dry the shoes by placing them on the floor. Never leave a hairdryer inside sneakers.
  • Newspaper. It will take quite long, so if you have a lot of time before you need to put on your shoes, a newspaper is a perfect choice. Just crumple it and put inside your shoes. You might need to throw away wet newspaper after an hour or two and replace it with another.
  • Silica gel. It works like newspapers: it absorbs moisture. Just put bags of silica gel in wet sneakers and leave them for a couple of hours. Then remember to dry the silica gel on the battery to reuse.
  • Salt. It should be heated in a pan, put into a sock and placed inside a wet sneaker. Let the salt be in the shoes until it has absorbed all the moisture.
  • Baking soda. The method is similar to the previous one. The advantage is that the product will eliminate the smell of “sweating legs”.
  • Rice. Put a lot of rice in the bowl and place your shoes on it. It will take a lot of time but the rice will never damage your precious sneakers.

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Washing and Drying Your Shoes: Q&A

  • Is it safe to wash shoes in the washing machine?
    Yes, it is, if you choose a delicate cycle and remove all the sand and dirt from your shoes.
  • What cycle should I wash my shoes on?
    The delicate cycle. The temperature should be 30-40 degrees.
  • Will shoes break the washing machine?
    Shoes will not break the washing machine if you follow all the above-mentioned tips.
  • Can you put Adidas/Nike shoes in the washer?
    You can put your Adidas or Nike or New Balance or whatever brand shoes in the washer. But read the label before doing this just in case.
  • Can you dry shoes with a hairdryer?
    You can dry shoes with a hairdryer but make sure you don’t use hot air. Cool air will be perfect.
  • Can you dry shoes in the microwave oven or on the stove?
    Uh, no way, you can’t dry your shoes in the microwave. Drying your shoes in the microwave or stove is recommended only if you want to experiment and you aren’t afraid of saying goodbye to your favourite sneakers.
  • Can I dry my shoes in the sun?
    Sneakers can be dried in the sun after washing. Warm air and natural ultraviolet will dry your shoes within a couple of hours. But you can’t dry your genuine leather, suede and coloured textile shoes.
  • Can you dry trainers on a radiator?
    You can’t dry wet shoes on the stove, radiator or heater. It will damage your sneakers.
  • Can you clean your shoes with baking soda?
    You can easily clean your shoes with baking soda, you need to to the following:
    1. Mix baking soda with water.
    2. Put this paste onto your shoes for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Remove the mixture with a tissue or a wet wipe.
  • Can you wash your shoes with toothpaste?
    You can wash your shoes with toothpaste by doing the following:
    1. Take an old toothbrush and squeeze a small amount of paste onto it.
    2. Apply toothpaste to your dirty shoes.
    3. Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove any remaining paste.
    It is very important to use only white-coloured toothpaste. You can also replace toothpaste with tooth powder.
  • Can I clean my shoes with vinegar?
    You can clean your shoes with vinegar, this method will help you clean the sole of the sneakers.
    1. Mix a spoonful of vinegar and acetone.
    2. Take a cotton pad and wipe the surface of the sneakers.
    3. Rinse your sneakers with water.

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All that being said, just remember that you should dry your shoes right after you have washed them.

Washing sneakers is a gentle and delicate process that should be approached with all responsibility, especially when it comes to branded and expensive shoes. The drying process should be gradual, you can’t use any radical methods as it will only destroy your shoes.

And the last but not least tip — pay attention to the colour of the shoes.

Sometimes after washing or drying the shoe colour changes. If your sneakers are white, do not use newspaper to dry them as it will leave stains and lead to a colour fading. Your while shoes should be dried with rice, fan, air conditioning.








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