How Do You Light Up a Bedroom? Useful Tips.

Selecting the right lighting for your bedroom could seem to be a difficult task. But it really is not hard at all if you follow some basic steps. The bedroom lighting should be comfortable, uniform, sufficient but at the same time dim and diffused to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Here is my ultimate guide on how to light up your bedroom. 

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Bedroom Lighting Tips

The main requirement for lighting the bedroom is that it must be diverse! Do not limit yourself to just some basic lighting fixtures. A chandelier on the ceiling for general lighting, a sconce for reading, spots and LED strips will set a romantic mood, floor lamps will visually raise the ceiling — the list never ends.

It is necessary to think about not only basic lighting but also about functional lighting near the bed and the mirror, as well as decorative if it fits into the interior of the bedroom. A huge selection of lighting fixtures made in various styles provide real scope for imagination but it is worth considering a few rules and useful tips.

  • Protect yourself from direct lighting. A bright chandelier with an open lampshade and the light that strikes your eyes when you lie on the bed and other errors will ruin the atmosphere in the bedroom. Therefore, experts recommend models with closed matte lampshades and surfaces without glare.
  •  Remember about both — comfort and safety. Light sources must not limit your moving around the room. It is also very important to place the switches so that it would be convenient to switch the light on and off.
  • Take care of autonomous lighting. If the bedroom has a work desk, wardrobe or spaces with other functions, the lamps in these areas should be independent of the main light. This will allow you to do your things and without waking your loved ones.
  • Combine different models. All sources of general, local or decorative lighting have their advantages and disadvantages. Combine them to correctly place the fixtures and achieve perfect light in the bedroom.
  • Take bedroom size into account. When selecting fixtures and the place where to put them it is important to first take into account the size of the room. The larger the bedroom, the more carefully you will have to select lighting items so that you would not have a single corner in the shade.
    The size of chandeliers, floor lamps and other appliances should be proportional to the size of the room.
  • The bedroom provides several types of lighting. The basic lighting is a chandelier on the ceiling. It is also important to provide lighting in the bed area for easy reading. You can choose sconces, small table lamps or even floor lamps for this purpose.
  • If there is a mirror in the bedroom, you may want to create lighting around it so that it would be more comfortable for you to get ready to go out.
  • If you have a  big wardrobe, you can also install lighting in there. In addition, if the bedroom has an armchair that serves as a cosy reading corner or a desk, then you might also consider getting light there.
  • You also should not forget about decorative lighting as it will create a certain atmosphere and bring comfort to the relaxation room while giving dim diffused light.

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Bedroom Basic Lighting

You must always have basic lighting. It is necessary to create a uniform and sufficient light in the evening and at night but it should not be too bright.

It is better if the main lighting is diffused. You can achieve that by directing the flow of light into the ceiling or upper part of the walls. You can also use a thick bowl shade that sufficiently diffuses the light so that it does not hit the eyes.

Another good option is to use lighting spots because you can adjust the direction of the light yourself. If you want to adjust the power of lighting, you should use a dimmer.

As for the location of the central lighting, it is traditionally installed in the geometric centre of the room. This is a great option as it has been time-tested. There are some other options where to put basic lighting, for example, it can be located in the centre of the space above the bed.

If your bedroom is not very big, designers recommend using flat lamps as this will make the bedroom look more spacious. If your bedroom ceilings are not very high, you can use several lamps hanging on the walls at the same distance from the ceiling.

Bedside Lighting

Bedside lighting is very important because you do not want to use your basic lighting to read a book or scroll your Instagram news feed. Bedside lighting can be arranged using sconces, built-in or table lamps, as well as using floor lamps. Naturally, if the bed is designed for two, then lighting items are purchased in pairs.

The main rule that should be followed when arranging bedside lighting is sufficient brightness to provide comfortable conditions, but at the same time, this light must not be annoying for your spouse who is trying to sleep. You should select dense and diffusing lampshades as the light flux is directed down to the bed with their help. The lamp should be about 60 cm above the bed level as, in this case, it will not blind other people in the room.

It is better to place the sconce at a height of 1.5-2 meters from the floor. By the way, lamps on retractable brackets are great for a bedroom: as they can be attached either to the wall or to the head of the bed.

Bedroom Mirror Lighting

A lot of people prefer to have mirrors in their bedrooms and so do I. Mirror can be used for a lot of things — to put your make up on or try some new outfit on. That is why mirror lighting is crucial — you do not want it to distort the way you look.

It is necessary to illuminate the mirror even if it is located near the window. The ideal lighting for your bedroom mirror is the backlight on both sides using a sconce. You can also use the lamp located on top of the mirror exactly in the centre or the built-in backlight.

Bedroom mirrors in the should have excellent lighting especially if it is placed near the dressing table: a woman must clearly see her face in order to carefully and thoroughly apply makeup. LED strips placed on the sides of the frame will be the perfect solution.

As practice shows, the worst choice for bedroom mirrors is fluorescent and halogen lamps which give cold light. It is better to choose models that have a warm spectrum of lighting.

Wardrobe Lighting

If the bedroom has a big wardrobe, then it will be much more convenient to look for your clothes if you equip it with some lighting. Of course, you can get the lighting yourself or you can choose a wardrobe model with built-in lighting, where the light will turn on automatically when the doors are opened like a refrigerator. (How convenient!)

When choosing, you need to pay attention so that the lamps do not get very hot.

Decorative Lighting for Bedroom

Lighting items can perfectly carry out the decoration function and they can be used in a bedroom of any size.

For example, you can visually expand your bedroom thanks to the correct additional lighting and create the necessary atmosphere.

Decorative lighting for bedrooms can be in one of these forms:

  • Spotlights on the ceiling. Such lighting will make your bedroom ceiling look higher and create an interesting interior. Another option is to use several colours to illuminate the ceiling. You can really set any mood with different colour, for example, you can create a starry sky above your head with just a little imagination.
  • Light up your bed. It is a very nice way to “highlight” your bed as suck lighting will make it seem as if your bed is hovering in the air.
  • Light up the niches, sculptures or paintings. If you want to highlight your decor, you should use the lighting fixtures that give direct light to it.
  • Night lamps today are presented in such a variety of shapes, colours and sizes that they can become a real decoration of the bedroom during the day and create soft light at night.
  • Candles fit perfectly into the interior of any bedroom. They can be in different colours and size, moreover, you can choose aroma candles to make the atmosphere in the bedroom even more relaxing. Candles can be placed in lanterns, chandeliers, candlesticks, transparent vases, etc.
  • Be creative. In addition, you can come up with a lot of other options for lighting the bedroom, for example, using garlands.

How Do I Get the Best Lighting in my Room?

What colour induces sleep? Bright sources with a cold light temperature (5000K or higher) are not suitable for relaxation, because they activate brain activity. And too much of this light at bedtime can lead to insomnia. To relax and feel comfortable, you need diffused light of moderate brightness in a warm tone (3000 K).

If you do not like this colour temperature, stop at daylight (about 4000 K), which is convenient for work and leisure. It should be diffused and not too bright.

How Can I Improve my Bedroom Lighting?

If you want to improve your bedroom lighting, you need to think about what you need it for. To illuminate the room correctly, think about how you will spend time here and relax. This will help determine individual needs and find suitable scenarios.

Designers recommend two types of lighting for the bedroom:

  • general light of medium intensity for everyday activities;
  • dim light to relax before bedtime.

You can also add some other types of lighting according to your preferences:

  • romantic light;
  • bright lighting that will help you wake up quickly in the morning;
  • backlight for orientation in the dark;

Are LED Lights Good for Bedrooms?

LED lights are very good for bedrooms as they have a number of advantages:

  • LED lights are durable. They are not afraid of extreme temperature conditions up to -60 degrees Celsius.
  • LED lights are environmentally friendly. LED lamps do not use harmful substances and gases. The absence of toxic components provides additional safety when operating LED lamps.
  • LED lights are power-saving. The power of LED lamps is 10 times less than incandescent lamps of the same brightness and they consume half as much energy as fluorescent lamps.
  • LED lights last longer. If a LED lamp works 10 hours a day, the service life can reach 50,000 hours. This indicator exceeds the life of glow lamps by 200 times and halogen lamps by 50 times. LED lamps do not lose their luminescence power.
  • LED lights are good for health. The light from LED lamps completely eliminates the harmful effects on human vision due to the absence of harmful low-frequency pulsations. LED lamps have become popular in educational institutions and offices as they eliminate eye fatigue when reading and working with papers.

The only disadvantage of LED lamps at this point in time is the price. At the moment, the cost of LED lamps may seem overpriced, but if we take into account all the advantages, it becomes clear that this investment will be quickly returned. I think, when it comes to our health we should be very generous. So LED lights are perfect for your bedroom.

Bedroom Upgrade — LED Lights

Of course, you can choose any of the existing types of lamps for your bedroom:

  • Incandescent lamps are the cheapest but very uneconomical, although they give a pleasant warm light, which is needed for the bedroom;
  • Fluorescent lamps are much more economical and they give a pleasantly diffused light. In addition, such lamps are durable, but it is better to choose the ones that give a warm white light to create a pleasant cosy atmosphere in the bedroom;
  • Halogen lamps can give diffused or direct light, therefore they are suitable for both general lighting and directional lighting. You can get built-in or spot halogen lamps. Nowadays, halogen lamps that create the effect of a starry sky are becoming more and more popular. Halogen lamps are more economical than incandescent lamps and have a longer service life;
  • LED lighting is a leader in terms of efficiency. In addition, such lamps give a soft glow and provide huge scope for design fantasies.

If you want to make your bedroom as comfortable, functional and modern as possible, you can consider the possibility of using a remote control. You can not only turn on and off the lighting in a certain area of the bedroom but also adjust its intensity without leaving your place with this remote control.

Which Colour LED light is Best for Bedroom?

To choose the best LED light colour for your bedroom we must focus on the functions of this room.

Lights with soft rays of a warm spectrum are suitable for reading, relaxing or scrolling your news feed on Instagram. For your working/studying area or a make-up table, you need to organize an additional bright light by installing built-in lights.



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