How to Choose a Mirror For Every Room. Ultimate Guide

Nowadays mirrors are not just for you to check yourself out before going out, they are also a bright detail of the interior of an apartment or a house. You might think that choosing a mirror is easier than ever — but no. You need to consider many factors when choosing a proper mirror for every room in your house. So here is your ultimate guide on how to choose the best mirror for your house.

How to choose a good-quality mirror? There are a number of parameters that must be taken into account when choosing a good-quality mirror.

  • The material for the manufacture of the mirror sheet and frame. This factor directly affects the durability of the mirror, its strength and reliability.
  • Design, appearance.
  • Functional features (reflectivity).
  • Environmental and mechanical safety. This parameter is especially important when choosing mirrors for children’s rooms.
  • Cost.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the design of the mirror frame. If the products are planned to be used to help with daily make-up, it is best to purchase a mirror with manual tilt angle adjustment.

Now let’s dive into the mirror choosing guide for every room in your house.

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How Can You Tell the Quality of a Mirror?

To tell the quality of a mirror, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Read the quality certificate first.
  • The surface of the mirror should not have pale matte spots that indicate the area with the least reflectivity. Also, there should be no visible bubbles frozen in the glass.
  • Walk quickly past the mirrored surface. It should remain unchanged without distorting your reflection. Otherwise, the surface is clearly not smooth which is a defect.
  • Turn the mirror over and run your hand over the amalgam. High-quality amalgam is the guarantee of the quality of the entire mirror. It should be smooth to the touch. Any roughness indicates the low quality of the mirror sheet.
    There is also an opinion that amalgam of green and light green shades is a guarantee of a high-quality mirror. But nowadays, mirror manufacturers cover amalgam with a layer of paint in different colours and shades. So you shouldn’t judge the quality of the mirror sheet by the colour of the amalgam.
  • In order to tell the quality of a mirror, you can use nitric acid. Dampen cotton swabs with acid and let it sit on the back of the mirror for an hour. Remove the swab and assess the result. The paint of a quality product will only slightly change its colour because it is so stable that it can be removed only in one way — with paint and varnish destroyer.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Mirror?

  • Deciding on the mirror material.

To choose the right mirror, pay attention what its base is made of, that is the back wall and side panels. The frame in most cases consists of aluminium and silver, other metals, for example, palladium, chromium, nickel, give the device a special reflection accuracy.

Silver plating protects the surface of the structure from moisture, therefore, its cost increases in comparison with analogues. Ask the seller what additional components were used in the manufacture of the product, what the manufacturer declares in the instruction manual. Beware of lead that can be found in the mirror device.

  • Price-quality.

Mirrors are not very cheap but you still need to find the best mirror for its money. In the bathroom, a cheap copy with an aluminium coating will look ridiculous, due to the fact that aluminium does not tolerate humidity and sudden changes in temperature and after a while, the mirror will become dull and faded.

Check out what material the frame is made of. The best option would be steel or plastic.

  • Size of the mirror.

Before going to the store, decide how you would like to see yourself — in full growth, to the waist, or you will be happy with a small mirror that you need only for doing your make up. It is convenient to use a make-up mirror with built-in pan and tilt mechanisms. It can consist of two parts — normal and magnifying images.

Never purchase a mirror under artificial lighting. If you can’t come to the store during the daytime, it is better to postpone the purchase until later. Objectively, you can give a qualitative assessment of the mirror being at arm’s length from it holding it in an upright position.

How to Choose a Mirror for Hallway?

The hallway mirror can be one of the following types:

  • wall mirror;
  • floor mirror;
  • an element of furniture or decoration.

Wall mirrors are the most common type of mirrors in the hallway. They can be framed or not, they can be supplemented with a shelf below or other elements. The wall mirror can be vertical or horizontal. The first option is better because it allows a person to see themselves in full growth.

An additional advantage of wall mirrors is their ability to make the room visually slightly more spacious. The main thing is to hang the mirror evenly, otherwise, you can get significant deformations in the reflection: if the upper part is located a little further from the wall than the lower one, then the person will look somewhat slimmer in the reflection. This might sound good but misleading.

Floor mirrors must be in the frame and have a stand. They can be easily moved from place to place and it is easy to change the angle of inclination. This option is often used for spacious hallways, but it is also suitable for small hallways because the mirror can be moved at any time.

You can get a floor mirror that will cover the whole wall. Such a mirror will make your hallway look bigger and you can also see yourself in the smallest detail. This is a great option for long and narrow hallways, but you will have to regularly make sure there are no children around who could break the mirror and injure themselves.

The mirror can be part of the furniture and at the same time perfectly cope with its tasks. Often the mirror is located on the cabinet door, it becomes part of the finished structure for the hallway. This is a convenient and functional option that will help you save time and space when choosing the right mirror.

If a whole wardrobe is placed in the hallway, then often its doors are mirrored. In this case, it is important to remember that mirrored doors are less durable than ordinary doors, so you should not lean on them.

How big should a hallway mirror be?

The minimum dimensions for a hallway mirror are 30*40 cm, with parameters 40*60 cm you can already see yourself up to the waist, and a canvas measuring 60*120 cm will allow you to see yourself in full length. As for the size of the mirror, it is better if it is full-length. But in modern small hallways, there is not always enough space for such an option — it is important to correctly estimate the size of the room in advance in order to understand exactly what size the mirror will fit exactly.

If the hallway is very small, then you can use a horizontal wall mirror or a mobile floor mirror, which, if necessary, can be removed altogether. A ready-made furniture set, which includes a wardrobe, mirror or shelves will also be a good option for compact hallways. You can also use a mirror combined with another element, for example, a shelf for hats, a hanger, etc.

The mirror in the hallway plays not only a purely functional role but also a decorative one. The shape of the mirror is very important because you can highlight your overall design with it. The most common mirror shapes are rectangular and square, but if you want to get an interesting effect, you can opt for a mirror of irregular or non-standard shape.

Round mirrors also look very interesting in the hallway. Once people believed that mirrors of this shape protect from the evil eye, the Feng Shui teaching speaks of their beneficial effect on energy, but if we discard all this, then we get just an interesting and unusual solution. With the right approach, a round mirror will generally look like a window.

Where to Place Mirror in a Hallway?

It is best to place the mirror on a wall perpendicular to the wall with the entrance door. The location of the mirror directly opposite the front door is not the best solution, because immediately upon entering the apartment you will see a looming reflection in front of you. 

Whatever the shape and size of the mirror in the hallway, it is important to place it so that there is enough space in front of it. This space is designed so that you could dress up having enough space in front of you.

How to Choose a Mirror for a Living Room?

The living room is the main room in the house. We usually put all the best decor items in our living rooms. That is why it is very important to know how to choose a mirror for your living room.

Do I need a mirror in the dining room and living room? As practice shows, this is one of the rooms where mirrors are more likely to perform a decorative function than a practical one. This is due to the fact that you are unlikely to want to look at your reflection where you dine and spend time with friends.

However, if you still want to complement the interior with a mirror surface, order a backlit model as this will be your own little corner of designer fantasy. You can turn off the light in the room and switch on the mirror lighting if you want to create a romantic atmosphere.

Mirrors in the living room can do the following things:

  • Change the style of the room
  • Visually increase space.
  • Hide the flaws in lighting.
  • Emphasize positive points.
  • Hide the flaws in the layout.
  • Create a unique comfort.

Where Should a Mirror Go in the Living Room?

  • To visually increase the height of the ceiling and make a living room look bigger with a mirror, you should hang a large rectangular mirror vertically on the wall.
  • If there is a lack of lighting in your living room, it is appropriate to install the mirror so that it would reflect as much light as possible.
  • If there is an antique or piece of furniture in the living room that you want to draw attention to, then it is better to install the mirror so that these items are visible in duplicate: the original and the reflected version.
  • To create a certain style of the living room, experts offer a very advantageous option for decorating one of the walls with mirrors of different formats. This is a complex design trick and can only be implemented under the guidance of professionals. It is very fashionable to hang a large rectangular mirror for the living room in a good frame in a horizontal position above the sofa.
  • However, mirrors should not be installed opposite an empty wall and with a direction towards the accumulation of small things, as this creates the illusion of a cluttered room.

How to Choose a Mirror for a Bathroom?

Do you need a special mirror for a bathroom? You do need a special mirror for your bathroom because unlike a hallway mirror, a bathroom model must withstand moisture. Therefore, these mirrors have a silver, not aluminium amalgam. Models with a silver layer offer better reflectivity and damage resistance but are more expensive.

Mirrors with an amalgam consisting of nickel, chrome and gold have the highest performance characteristics, but they are not available for most users due to their high cost.

Important: to avoid detachment of the aluminium amalgam, lubricate the back of the mirror with a solution of turpentine and melted wax (2: 1 ratio).

You do need a mirror in the bathroom since it has become not only a functional, but also a decorative element of each bathroom because it allows you to significantly change the appearance of the room, expand the space, and make it unique. But in order for the mirror to fit into the interior of the bathroom and have all the necessary functional qualities, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of a mirror in the bathroom.

What makes a good bathroom mirror? The mirror is good for a bathroom if it:

  • has a proper size;
  • fits in shape to the interior;
  • is lit enough to see yourself in detail;
  • does not fog up.

What makes a good bathroom mirror? A moisture resistance makes a good bathroom mirror. When choosing a mirror, you should pay attention to what the frame is made of. Given the special properties of the room, the main characteristic that makes a good bathroom mirror is moisture resistance. If you decide to stay with wood, check if the material has been treated with special solutions to ensure stability. Stainless steel and plastic are resistant to moisture and come in many different shapes.

  • Evaluate what bathroom mirror you need.

Before you go shopping, evaluate the raw data of your bathroom. If it is quite modest in size and it barely fits all the necessary pieces of furniture and plumbing, then the mirror will most likely be located above the washbasin. If you are the happy owner of a spacious bathroom, then you can afford to put a full-length mirror in the bathroom.

Just do not forget that in addition to the place for the location of such a mirror, you will also need a certain amount of space in front of it in order to be able to simply consider yourself.

  • Decide on the size of the bathroom mirror. 

When the location of the mirror has already been determined, you can set the parameters and dimensions. While in the bathroom, measure the width of the washbasin if you want to put your mirror over it.

Can a bathroom mirror be wider than the sink? A bathroom mirror cannot be wider than the sink. If you want to have a rectangular mirror, ideally it should be the same width or slightly smaller. But a bathroom mirror can never be wider than the sink. If the mirror is irregular or round, there are no special criteria and restrictions. It is important to grasp the proportion so that the ratio of objects in the bathroom and the mirror is harmonious.

  • Check the quality of the bathroom mirror.

Now that the mirror has already been selected, be sure to pay attention to its characteristics. It must be moisture resistant. This is best evidenced by the silver coating on the base of the mirror. Be sure to check the integrity of the product that you will pick up – its surface must be smooth and clean, without chips, scratches, cracks and other foreign mechanical damage. Bumps and bubbles in the coating are also considered defective.

What size should a bathroom mirror be? The size of the bathroom mirror can vary. A large mirror is a plus for a small bathroom. But don’t place the accessory too low. The optimal height to hang your bathroom mirror is 35-45 centimetres from the sink. It is necessary to adjust these parameters already taking into account the growth of all family members so that everyone is comfortable using the mirror. As for the width, the best option is the width of the shell, although there are no strict restrictions here.

At what height should the bathroom mirror be hung? A mirror is a rather fragile thing, so you need to fix the mirror in the bathroom as safe as possible.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you understand how to mount a bathroom mirror:

The gap from the floor to the mirror directly depends on the height of all family members. Experts advise placing the lower edge at a height of 1.2 meters, and the upper edge up to 2 meters from the floor. But these parameters are only advisory in nature, so they can be changed at your discretion so that the whole family is comfortable in the bathroom.

It is necessary to install a mirror in the bathroom above the sink at a distance of 20-35 centimetres from each other, depending on the total height of the room. This optimal gap will allow you not so quickly to stain the mirror with splashes from water or damage it.

For convenience, small mirrors should be placed at eye level, especially make-up mirrors.

These general recommendations will allow you to most comfortably arrange all the mirrors in your room because a correctly installed mirror will ideally reflect and positively affect your mood and visual appeal.

How to Choose a Mirror for Bedroom?

When choosing a mirror for a bedroom, you need to take the following recommendations into account:

  • Bedroom mirror should not distort the image, the reflection should not “float” or move out;
  • There should be no chips or cracks on the back surface of the bedroom mirror;
  • There must be a special edge on the side of the mirror, which will prevent the mirror from possible damage;
  • When choosing the size of the mirror, initially think about how and where exactly you want to hang it. It is possible to choose any frame, you can use several of them from different styles, thus you can dilute the space, the frames and shapes of the mirrors themselves can be either oval or, as an example, rectangular, it all depends on what kind of accent you want to make.
  • You can use gold, white, silver, and possibly all together if the overall design concept of your bedroom allows it.

Where should the mirror be placed in a bedroom? There are multiple options of where the mirror should be placed in a bedroom, for example:

  • Place the mirror along the wall if the size of your bedroom allows you to leave room for reflection.
  • It is possible to place several smaller mirrors and not one large one which will also dilute your interior. With this method, you can use absolutely any wall and space for this decorative element, but the disadvantage is that it does not always work.
  • You may try placing the mirror on the dressing table in your bedroom. An excellent option for those who want to combine the aesthetics of the dressing table and the versatility of the mirror. With this arrangement, it must be borne in mind that this requires a certain free space, preferably with good daylight.
  • A classic choice is placing a mirror on the surface of the bedroom wardrobe or a cabinet because it allows you to use the space not only for putting things inside the cabinet but also expand the visual space due to the external mirror surface.

If you follow Feng Shui, then when choosing a mirror for a bedroom, you need to take into account some details:

  • A mirror in a Feng Shui bedroom should be round or oval, avoid very sharp corners, as this negatively affects the energy in the room;
  • The place to sleep should not be reflected in the mirror, so stick to this rule when choosing the shape, size, and also the location of the mirror itself;
  • The height of the mirror should preferably correspond to the height of a person’s height, if your interior does not allow this, then the height should at least correspond to the reflection of the portrait;
  • Do not place mirrors in front of the entrance to the door, this also negatively affects the flow of energy in your home.

How Many Mirrors Should Be in a Bedroom? The number of Feng Shui mirrors in the bedroom should not be excessive. Otherwise, it will be difficult to properly relax and rest. Instead, a person, on the contrary, begins to show unwanted signs of confusion and cause anxiety. It has to do with psychology. Constantly involuntarily looking at your reflection in the mirror, you begin to pay attention to the little things that distract and make you think of yourself from a critical point of view.

Distracting from more important matters and concerns, a person spends time looking for differences from more “ideal” acquaintances and delves into the realm of conjectures about the elimination of imaginary shortcomings. Therefore, the first and main rule of Feng Shui is to prevent the mirror in the bedroom from interfering and distracting.

The second point assumes such an arrangement and number of mirror objects so that while resting on your comfortable bed, turning and indulging in pleasant reflections, you will not see the reflection. At a time like this, it is absolutely not necessary. It is known that the location of the bed between the mirrored parts of the walls at the headboard, in the legs, on the left and on the right is a wrong decision. And it is not at all recommended to place a mirror above the bed in a cosy home bedroom.


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