How to Maintain a Trampoline? Ultimate Guide for Trampoline Care.

Trampolines have become an inalienable part of modern houses and yards. Trampolines can be used by children and adults, they are fun, relaxing and healthy. But in order to enjoy it for a long time, you need to know how to take care of your trampoline. We have prepared an ultimate guide for your trampoline care.

How to Maintain a Trampoline?

  • Clean your trampoline regularly.  This is the most important rule to take care of your trampoline. A trampoline can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or a sponge. You can use soap, detergent or just simply water.
  • No sharp objects are allowed anywhere near the trampoline. Do not let children or adults jump on a trampoline with sharp objects that can damage it.
  • Proper clothes. If your clothes have some metal rivets, you should not wear them when you are planning to do some trampoline jumping.
  • Cover your trampoline. When the weather conditions are harsh when there are strong winds, hail, rain and other weather “disasters”, you must cover your trampoline as such weather conditions can easily damage your trampoline.
  • Be sure to check the maximum weight your trampoline can handle.
    On average, one trampoline can handle 150kg (but sometimes the number is different, so it is crucial that you check this), so you must never let anyone who is heavier than 150kg jump on your trampoline.

The violation of this rule may lead to serious injuries and your trampoline breaking down.

  • Only ONE person can be on the trampoline at a time. You must never allow more than ONE person to jump on the trampoline even if they are two children whose weight is not more than 60kg.
  • Use sandbags. For added trampoline stability, you can place sandbags on the legs of the trampoline that will prevent the trampoline from tipping over.
  • Proper trampoline storage. If you want your trampoline to last long, it must be properly stored.
    To do this, it is better to use a special cover that protects the canvas and frame elements from temperature extremes, moisture and dust.
  • Jump barefoot. Take off your shoes before using the trampoline, as they may damage the jumping mat, which is not covered by the warranty.
  • Do not sit or lean on the trampoline’s protective structure. Do not allow children to hang on the trampoline, as this can lead to seam rupture, which is not covered by warranty.
  • Place the trampoline on a flat surface, preferably on grass. When using a trampoline on hard surfaces, the trampoline legs wear is accelerated, which will not be covered by insurance.
    Placing a trampoline on an uneven surface can cause it to tip over.
  • Do not use a trampoline if it is wet.
  • Follow the safety rules. Before using the trampoline, make sure that the entrance to the trampoline is closed with a zipper and protective carabiners, and only after that, you can jump.
  • You can not jump on a protective net, it is intended exclusively for preventing possible falls from the trampoline. Jumping onto a protective net may result in a serious injury resulting from a trampoline overturn and/or net damage. Usually, these situations are not covered by insurance.

Trampoline Setup and Maintenance Tips

Of course, is you want your trampoline to last long, you must follow the safety rules. This will help you to avoid serious injuries and you will not need to buy a new trampoline in a year.

Trampoline Safety Video Guide

How Long Do Trampolines Last?

Trampolines are very durable, they can last for 5 years and more. It all depends on the quality of the trampoline, first of all, and, secondly, on your maintenance and care of it. If you follow all the abovementioned tips, you will enjoy jumping on your trampoline for years.

If we speak about the quality of the trampoline, it is very important to read reviews on the Internet and watch impartial revies on YouTube.

Today we will answer the most common questions that people ask about trampolines:

How Often Should You Replace Your Trampoline?

Obviously, you need to replace your trampoline only if it cannot be used anymore because it got damaged. As trampolines are very durable, they can easily last more than 5 years, so you do not need to replace your trampoline very often — once every 5-7 years or even less often. It also depends on how often you jump on your trampoline.

How to Clean Your Trampoline?

Since your trampoline is outside you need to devote quite a lot of time to clean it. Do this at least once or twice a month.

  • Collect large pieces of garbage;
  • Sweep away dry leaves, tree branches, sand with a broom or a wet cloth.
  • Put some detergent or soap into a bucket until foam appears.
  • Take a viscose or microfiber cloth and wipe the mat and all the trampoline parts.
  • You can also use a hose to clean the trampoline faster.

You must remember that you need to clean the trampoline way for often if your children jump on it. Children tend to put their fingers in their mouth and touch their faces. So this is very important to keep the trampoline clean in order to avoid your children getting infections.

Do not forget that trampoline cleaning is good not only in terms of hygiene but also to increase the lifespan of the mat.

trampoline cleaning

Does Jumping on a Wet Trampoline Ruin It?

Jumping on a wet trampoline will not ruin it but it may injure you as the mat becomes extra slippery. 

Some trampolines claim to have a water-resistant surface, but we still do not recommend to jump on a wet trampoline as it is quite dangerous. It also includes jumping on a trampoline in winter — you must not jump on your trampoline in winter/autumn/spring while it is raining or snowing.

Do You Need to Cover a Trampoline in the Winter or Do You Have to Take Down a Trampoline in Winter?

You do need to cover a trampoline in winter if your area has some extreme temperatures. It is not very good for the mat, it can lead to its damage.

What Winter Does To Your Trampoline

If winters are very harsh in your area we recommend you to take down a trampoline in winter as you will not even have a chance to use it while wearing a coat or winter shoes, so simply take it down and set it up in spring again.

How to Take Down a Trampoline Video Guide

What Should I Put under Trampoline?

The area should flat, first of all. You can put your trampoline on a soft surface like bark, but you must never put your trampoline on concrete as the trampoline will not be stable which may cause it to tip over.

How to Create the Best Flooring Base For Your Trampoline – Step-by-Step Video Guide

Can You Fix a Ripped Trampoline?

It is not a very good idea to fix a ripped trampoline yourself. These situations are pretty rare, actually. Even if the hole is small, you should just replace the mat. It might be a bit more expensive, but you can be sure this mat is safe and will not break again after a couple of jumps.

Do Shoes Ruin a Trampoline?

Shoes do ruin a trampoline, as we mentioned in the beginning of the article — you must jump barefoot as this will reduce your chance of falling or damaging the trampoline’s mat.




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