How to Make Laundry Smell Good With Essential Oils?

In the past, essential oils were expensive, so people dried their clothes on rosemary or lavender bushes so that the fabric would absorb the wonderful scent. Nowadays, it is enough to add a few drops of essential oil to the washing machine when washing clothes or put a scented pillow in the closet and your clothes will smell nice and delight you with freshness and a pleasant aroma.

Can you put essential oils in your laundry? You can and should put essential oils in your laundry if you want your laundry to smell fresh and pleasantly scented. Essential oils also have excellent disinfectant properties which will make your laundry even cleaner. The main thing is to follow the rules for using oils so as not to spoil your clothes or break the washing machine.

How Do You Make Laundry Smell Good With Essential Oils?

To make your laundry smell good with essential oils just drip a few drops of natural essential oil with your favourite scent onto a handkerchief or a kitchen towel. Laundry dried in this way will acquire a light aroma, while being quite persistent and pleasant. Never put oil into the washing or rinsing compartment, as the oil is highly concentrated and can corrode plastic.

But since not everyone has a dryer complete with a washing machine, an alternative option can be used. Apply a little more essential oil to a piece of cloth, place it on the washed and rinsed laundry and turn on another rinse cycle. Your clothes will have a light scent of your favourite essential oil.

How to Scent Laundry Cheaply & Naturally With Essential Oils

Do essential oils ruin clothes? No, essential oils do not ruin clothes as long as you do not use coloured oils on white clothes. Remember that not all oils are suitable for putting on the laundry. It is necessary to choose not only your favourite scent but also to pay attention to the colour of the oil. For example, brightly coloured oils can stain the laundry. Other than that, you can choose any oil you like.

If you decide to use essential oils when rinsing, there are a few simple rules to follow. First of all, make sure the oils are of high quality and natural. Only such essential oils will not damage the washing machine and make your laundry truly fragrant. Beware of cheap imitations, which are usually sold in small shops for cheap prices.

At best, your laundry will acquire an unpleasant chemical odour, at worst, it will lead to allergic skin reactions and headaches. Usually, sellers, wanting to save money, offer a mixture of chemical aromatic components, calling them essential oils. In fact, they have nothing in common, except for the “name”.

Do not put essential oil in the detergent or fabric softener compartment. Essential oils are concentrated substances and can damage the plastic. In addition, it is simply uneconomical – drops of essential oil will seep through the tubes and nothing will reach your laundry.

To give your laundry a pleasant scent, after the spin cycle, drip 10 drops of your favourite essential oil onto a kitchen towel and place it along with the rest of the laundry in the dryer. If you do not have a dryer, add more oil to the towel and rinse again.

Essential oils can also be added to the water during rinsing. Dissolve seven drops of essential oil in 25 litres of warm water and rinse the laundry. Before adding the oil, drip it onto a tablespoon of sea salt. If you simply add essential oil to water, the water will be covered with a film and there will be no effect.

When ironing, add two to three drops of essential oil to the water for your steam iron. This will give it a pleasant scent.

When choosing an oil, be guided by your own taste, but remember: the essential oil must be of excellent quality, natural, purchased from a trusted supplier.

What Essential Oils Are Good for Laundry?

All essential oils are good for laundry, but the best oils to make your laundry smell fresh are citrus fruits. You can add sweet orange, lemon or bergamot oil. Ylang-ylang oil is good for aromatizing t-shirts and towels, while eucalyptus and lavender are good for jackets and coats.

The most common essential oil for laundry is the lavender essential oil. It can be used to give scent to bed linen and home clothes, as the lavender scent soothes and relaxes. Freshness and vivacity will be provided by coniferous aromas such as fir, pine, mint eucalyptus, as well as citrus, for example, grapefruit. The sandal will give things a scent of sophistication, and rose essential oil has always evoked associations with luxury.

You can also use verbena, Ylang, Melissa, mirth, mirth, palmarosa and schizandra for washing.

Here are the best essential oils and oil blends for laundry:

  • Citrus essential oils — bergamot, lemon, orange and grapefruit will refresh and give the laundry a clean, uplifting scent.
  • Sandalwood essential oil makes the laundry incredibly fragrant, sophisticated and soft, and the smell lasts for a long time.
  • Cedar gives the laundry a woody and mystical scent that soothes and relaxes. It is suitable for aromatizing household items, warm and wool clothes.
  • A blend of lemongrass, lavender and lemon is suitable for the disinfection and pleasant aroma.
  • Ylang-ylang, neroli, large-flowered Jasmin will improve your mood and give the laundry a satisfying smell.
  • The following scented oil blends can also be used to make your laundry smell better:– 4 drops of lavender oil;
    – 4 drops of geranium oil.
  • – 4 drops of lavender oil;
    – 2 drops of rose petal oil;
    – 5 drops of lemon oil.
  • – 4 drops of ylang-ylang oil;
    – 2 drops of lavender oil.

Buy only natural and high-quality essential oils. Since synthetic products passed off as essential oil can ruin the washing machine and damage all parts in it. Remember: real essential oil cannot be cheap, it is sold only in tinted glass bottles and always has a dispenser.

A quality essential oil has a clear aroma: eucalyptus smells like eucalyptus, not mint, and orange smells like orange, not tangerine.


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