How to Store and Maintain a Fur Coat at Home

A fur coat is a fashionable and stylish acquisition, a beautiful and elegant item in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Products made from such fur are unpretentious when it comes to storage, they are easy to care for, but in any case, each owner should know some secrets about how to store a fur coat.

What is the best way to store a fur coat? The best way to store a fur coat is to put it in a dark, dry, spacious place that is far away from sources of moisture and chemicals. You need to store your fur coat in a special case that is made of special non-woven material. Air will pass through it freely, which means that the fur will be stored better.

Ultimate Guide on How to Store a Fur Coat at Home

How to Store a Fur Coat In Summer

Look for a refrigerator. The ideal way to take care of your fur between winters is to contact a specialized company that rents out space in so-called refrigerators. They are rooms where special temperature (in the range of 0-10º C) and humidity (in the region of 50%) are maintained, there is no light and there is air circulation. It is these conditions that meet the requirements of how to store a fur coat in the summer.

However, before doing this, it is better to insure clothes against damage and theft.

Equip your own closet. If there are no such companies nearby or you do not trust them, you can do it yourself. The first option is to buy a household fur refrigerator. But its price is justified only if you have several fur coats. Therefore, an ordinary wardrobe will become a more logical alternative.

Make sure it meets the criteria for how to properly store a mink coat at home. It should be dark, dry (not unnecessary, there is no heating system nearby!) And spacious: the fur does not tolerate crush, it wrinkles and breaks from it.

Prepare your fur coat. Before sending fur clothing “to hibernation”, it must be put in order. First of all, it must be cleaned. To get rid of dust, shake the fur and go over the pile with a special brush (available in fur stores).

You can also blow cold air over your clothes from a hairdryer. Then you should get rid of grease: the accumulated fat is sprinkled with flour or starch, then removed. True, such care for a mink coat at home is reasonable with a little pollution – otherwise, contact a dry cleaner so as not to spoil the fur.

Take care of all the nuances. Sometimes details cause damage to fur clothing. So, it is necessary to place the fur coat on wide shoulders exactly in size, fastening the clothes with buttons or hooks and ridding it of the belt, jewellery and small things in the pockets — then the clothes will retain their shape.

A cover made of fabric, not polyester, is also required: it will not allow the fur to “breathe”. And of course, don’t forget about the moths. Just no naphthalene! It is also better to refuse aerosols. The best option is to lay out sachets with orange or tangerine peels in the closet: effectively and without harm to the fur.

Remember about the ventilation. And plus in the story about how to store a mink fur coat in the summer, one should not forget about its regular airing. Once every 2-3 months, you need to get it out of the closet and hang it on the balcony for a day right in a case. By the way, it is worth ventilating the furs for 2-3 days and right before sending them for storage (also excluding direct sunlight).

How to Store a Fur Coat In Winter

The warm season is not the only time when fur clothing needs special treatment. To extend its life, in winter it is also worth paying a lot of attention to caring for it. To do this, you should carefully study the recommendations on how to properly care for a mink fur coat:

Choose a time to wear. While you might want to wear pretty furs as often as possible, in some situations it’s best to do without them.

Firstly, you should not wear such clothes in rain, slush or sleet since excessive moisture spoils it. Secondly, it is worth avoiding large crowds of people and even more crowds so as not to damage the pile. Thirdly, if the fur coat is long, to the ground, remember about the reagents on the roads.

With all this in mind, the best advice on how to preserve a mink coat: wear it only in dry and frosty weather, and preferably not too sunny.

Pick up accessories. The desire to complement a spectacular fur coat with some stylish element is expected, but is it worth it? The same handbag, which you regularly wear on the shoulder, is capable of wiping fur to a receding hairline in a couple of years. And if such an accessory is made of suede, then there is a great risk that the matter, upon contact with the pile, will colour the fur coat.

You should also avoid the temptation to decorate your clothes with a hairpin or brooch. And make sure that perfume or hairspray does not get on the fur: it absorbs them too actively.

Dry properly. Even if you already know exactly how to store a fur coat at home and take care of it in everyday life, no one is safe from getting it wet. Therefore, it is important to understand how to dry it properly. You must not place the fur over batteries or radiators, as well as blow it with a hot hairdryer. Instead, shake off the moisture from it, treat it with the same special brush, and if there is a lot of water, gently blot the fur with a cloth. And then just leave to dry naturally away from sunlight.

Wear your fur coat. Sometimes winters are so warm or humid that fur clothing remains virtually unclaimed – and stays in the everyday wardrobe for weeks. For this situation, it is necessary to ensure optimal storage conditions for a mink coat at home. The wardrobe should be far from heating, be dark, spacious: a gap of at least 10-15 cm is needed before a sheepskin coat or coat. And most importantly: do not forget to air the furs from time to time – once every 2-3 weeks leave them on the balcony for a day (also in the cover and so that the light of the sun does not fall on the clothes).

Fur Coat Cleaning and Storage

How to Prepare a Fur Coat for Storage?

  • It is important to check that the coat is clean before storage. After all, this way you have a better chance of getting it in excellent condition for the next season. In addition, moths prefer dirty fur.
  • Blow on the fur. If the formed depression returned to its original state quickly, then the fur coat is clean. If it does not come off for a long time, it’s time to dry clean!
  • Use the services of proven dry cleaners so as not to ruin your coat when cleaning. Check if this company specializes in cleaning fur products. It will not be superfluous to insure the fur coat from damage during cleaning.
  • Check for any damage to the fur coat or lining. It is best to eliminate them at the end of the season. How to store and care for a fur coat This way you will avoid queues at the atelier with the first snow.
  • If there is no need to take the product to dry cleaning, gently brush the fur coat with a metal brush. Follow with a soft hairbrush.

How to Store a Fur Coat at Home

  • It is important to protect a fur coat made of natural fur from moths. But remember that almost every fur is contraindicated to meet with the chemicals that are part of moth sprays. Therefore, choose scented sachets that will not only protect your fur coat from moths but also prevent the appearance of extraneous unpleasant odours.
  • How do you protect fur coats from moths? You should not use the “old proven methods” from moths, which leave a terrible corrosive smell — mothballs and tobacco. Do you want to use unnatural means? Put orange peels, mint or tansy in the case. Their disadvantage is that such funds need to be changed quite often. Wormwood and lavender will also scare away moths, but their smell will remain on the fur coat.
  • Do not store your fur coat in a plastic bag. It is better to choose a fabric or paper cover that will allow the fur to “breathe”. Such a fabric cover can be sewn independently from a dense dark fabric or from a sheet.
  • It is best to store a fur coat in an upright position in a sufficiently spacious closet so that the fur does not wrinkle or break. Close proximity can greatly harm the fur.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it can cause the fur to tarnish and light-coloured fur to turn yellow.
  • The ideal room should be dark, dry and cool. If, for example, a hot water pipe runs behind the closet in which you plan to store your fur coat in the summer, look for another option.
  • Do not hang your favourite fur coat on a thin wire hanger. The wider the hanger, the better. It is ideal to use a special fur hanger.

Storing a Fur Coat in the Refrigerator in Summer.

A fur coat puts forward many requirements for storage conditions. They are fully satisfied with a specialized refrigerator which allows you to maintain a certain low temperature, humidity and observe other conditions for storing fur coats.

  • It ensures normal air circulation.
  • Maintains a stable low temperature (from 0 to 8 ° C).
  • Maintains low humidity between 40 and 70%.
  • Allows you to hang a fur coat so that there is at least 100 cm of distance between the hem and the floor.
  • Moles and other fur pests will not bother you in the refrigerator.
  • This device protects not only from direct sunlight but also from light in general because natural fur is much better preserved in the dark.

Even if you are using a refrigerator, there are some storage rules you need to follow. In this device, fur coats must be placed at a distance of at least 15 cm from each other. They should be hung on soft hangers so that the products do not lose their shape. If you follow all these rules, your fur coat will perfectly endure spring and summer and will be waiting for you in winter safe and sound.

A special refrigerator for fur coats is a bulky and expensive device. Not everyone can afford it, the more difficult it is to install it in an ordinary apartment. However, there is a way out. Many dry cleaners offer a summer storage service for fur products. Most of them use just such refrigerators, so you can leave your favourite fur coat there without worry.

What temperature should fur coats be stored at? Fur coats should be stored at the temperature +6 to +8 degrees Celsius with humidity ranging from 40 to 50%. All these conditions can be provided by a special fur fridge. It maintains optimal conditions — the ideal temperature for storing fur products from +6 to +8 degrees Celsius and humidity from 40 to 50%. It makes it a spacious darkened room, without direct sunlight, constant air circulation due to ventilation, wide comfortable trembles, a cotton cover and a distance between products of at least 20 cm.

Can you put a fur coat in the freezer? You can put a fur coat in the freezer. Freezer storage is essential to eliminate moths and other possible pests. Before placing the fur coat in the freezer, wrap it in a cellophane bag. The fur coat should be in the freezer for no more than a day.

Can you wash fur? You can never wash fur. Washing is the worst thing that can happen to a fur coat. Moreover, a fur coat not only cannot be washed, but it is even undesirable to get into it under rain or sleet. Natural animal fat, covering the leather, is washed off, the fur loses its elasticity, and moisture penetrates into the skin.

The only thing that is permissible for a fur coat is dry cleaning or specialized dry cleaning. This is an axiom with which it is better not to argue.


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