Is an Air Fryer Worth It? The Pros and Cons of Air Fryers.

Isn’t it just great when you can buy one kitchen appliance that will offer you a whole variety of tasty meals? We are talking about air fryers here.

Are air fryers really worth it? Air fryers are definitely worth buying because they have a lot of pros:

  • Air fryers are healthy. They can cook a lot of different tasty meals quickly preserving useful properties of the products. In addition, if you use an air fryer you can cook meals with a tiny bit of oil or without oil at all. It is good for your body and overall health.
  • Air fryers have multiple cooking functions: frying, baking, steam cooking, grill, boiling, stewing.

How Air Fryers Work — Simple Demonstration with Actual Cooking

  • Air fryers are safe. They undergo a number of tests before they appear on the shelves of the shop.
    Can an air fryer overheat though? No, air fryers cannot overheat if you follow all the safety rules specified in its manual. There have been few cases of air fryers catching fire — it is either improper use or some technical fault of the manufacturer. This can happen to any appliance, so be sure to check the air fryer and take it back immediately if it seems to have some problems.
  • Air fryers are energy efficient, therefore, they reduce your electricity bills. Air fryers are very small comparing to an oven and they do not require much electricity to cook your lunch.
  • Air fryers are not expensive. As you can see you can buy a good air fryer from Walmart for approximately 100-150$.

Air Fryer Review – Is it Worth the Money?

  • Air fryers are very durable. How long does air fryer last? It all depends on how you use it, but generally air fryer last 7-10 years.
  • Air fryers are easy to clean. Plastic elements can be washed with a sponge, and the inside of the unit can be washed well in a dishwasher or just under running water. Obviously, if you want to keep your appliances clean, you need to wash or wipe them after every use. This will help you to extend the life span of your air fryer.
  • Air fryers need little time to cook your favourite food. Pork/beefsteak will be ready in 15 minutes, and the chicken can be baked in just 20. Grill and convection provide uniform heating of dishes, so you will not have your food under/overcooked.
    How much faster does an air fryer cook? Air fryers can heat up to 300-350F in approximately four minutes. So, you will need much less time for cooking.

Here is a table of how much time an air fryer needs to cook certain food. 

air fryer cooking time table
  • Air fryers will save space in your kitchen. Air fryers come in different sizes, but if you need the place to be saved, you can choose a small air fryer that will easily replace a big oven.
  • Air fryers are user-friendly. You don’t need to be a cooking expert, you can just choose the cooking program, put the food in your air fryer and go enjoy some cup of coffee in front of your computer or TV.
  • Air fryers are good for (almost) everyone: a college student, a person who lives alone, a couple, or for a family of 4,5, or even 8. It does not matter, as air fryers go in different sizes and you can choose whatever suits you.

Since air fryers have so many advantages, what about their cons, are there any?

Disadvantages of Air Fryers:

  • Air fryers might be difficult to use in the beginning. They have a variety of cooking programs which is definitely a pro, but at the same time, you are more likely to make a mistake and turn your tasty French fries into charcoal.
  • Despite its versatility, air fryers are not suitable for everyone. In particular, people who must eat only diet food should opt for the slow cooker.
  • Air fryer might dry out your food. But any kitchen appliance can if you don’t use the right program for your food, so this is very important to read the manual to get to know all the regimes.
  • Air fryers are not always family-friendly. Yes, you can find air fryers that are big enough to feed the whole family, but, honestly, they are more suitable for a family of 2 or people who live alone. If you have a big family, it is just better to use an oven.

Air fryers are becoming more and more popular among people because they are very convenient and relatively inexpensive. But you must pay attention before making a decision to buy an air fryer.

What You Should Know About Air Fryers Before Buying

Air Fryer Buying Guide — Consumer Reports


  • Functionality. Decide what you want to use the air fryer for. If you already have a slow cooker or a microwave oven, it is better to choose a device with the functions of baking and frying. You don’t want to pay extra money for something you will never use.
  • Air fryer size. It depends on how big your family is and on the dishes you intend to cook. Obviously, you need a big air fryer if you feed the whole family and cook every day but if you rarely cook, it’s better to choose a small model: you may sometimes have to cook two meals separately, but you won’t constantly use a large mechanism half empty. But if you often bake pies, look at the larger models.
  • Additional accessories. Some models are equipped with some “accessories” and sometimes there may be only one kitchen spatula. As a rule, it is more profitable to buy all the necessary accessories in a set than separately. Therefore, think about what you are going to cook in an air fryer (French fries? Grilled ribs? Muffins?) And check whether the air fryer has all the necessary accessories in the set or you will need to buy them later.
  • Pre-installed programs. If you want to make your life even easier, you can use the “built-in” recipes programs. In this case, you do not have to experiment with air fryer or search for recipes on the Internet.  Although the air fryer settings are simple and are usually limited to setting the temperature and time, so you can easily figure it out without pre-installed programs.
  • Air fryer’s appearance: the colour, shape, size. It all depends on your taste, the interior of the kitchen and the availability of space. Some models are similar in shape to bread machines or slow cookers, others to classic ovens or microwave ovens. We think it is not necessary to give advice on this topic because it is all relative. Go to the shop and check what options they have got there.
  •  Brand. It all depends on your personal preferences and finances. Samsung and Philips are among the well-established manufacturers who were the first to enter the multi-furnace market.

Should You Get an Air Fryer?

This is now for you to decide whether you need air fryer. I think it is a great appliance that will help you quickly cook a variety of meals with little or no oil.

Again, air fryers have some disadvantages such as not very suitable for a big family or (sometimes) drying out your food, but air fryer advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages.




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