Is It Okay to Put Things On Top of a Microwave?

Home appliances have become so firmly entrenched in our lives that we can no longer even imagine how we could do without them. The age of high technology contributes to the fact that every day a person has to think less and less about various household problems. Unfortunately, the kitchen area does not always allow to place all items at a distance from each other. So, let’s find out whether it is okay to put different things on top of a microwave.

Is it okay to put things on top of a microwave? If the ventilation openings in your microwave are located on the top, then it is not okay to out things on top of a microwave, because you must not close the ventilation openings. These openings ensure the air circulation thereby they cool the oven. You can only put some things on top of a microwave if its ventilation openings are located on the side. 

Toaster on a Microwave

Can you put a toaster on top of a microwave? Devices in which there is no liquid can be put on a microwave oven. You can put scales, dry dishes, toaster, a lot of things on the microwave, but the main thing is that it was all dry. This eliminates the slightest ingress of liquid into the microwave.

Can you put an electric kettle or plants on top of a microwave? You cannot put an electric kettle or a plant on top of a microwave because these objects may get water or small dust particles into the ventilation hole.

If you don’t follow the safety rules, the microwave oven may break. If you want to put flowers or some kind of interior decoration in the area of the microwave device, keep a safe distance. This will help you save equipment and avoid breakdowns.

A Laptop and TV on a Microwave

Can you put a laptop, TV or a mobile phone on top of a microwave? It is also not recommended to put mobile phones and laptops on the microwave cover. It has not been proven that these devices negatively affect each other, but it is known: an electromagnetic field is formed around the stove, affecting the SIM card in the phone, on its magnetic tape. Also, close contact will reduce the charge level.

Another danger is height. As a rule, the microwave oven is installed at a height of 1.5-2 m above the floor level. And if it is placed, for example, on a windowsill, the risk of dropping the laptop increases. If the microwave has poor shielding or is old, its radiation will simply destroy the laptop matrix. The screen will stop functioning.

That said, if there are no ventilation holes in the top cover, you can put the laptop on the microwave oven. But do not forget that a laptop is a technique that runs on electricity, that is, it heats up during operation. This will negatively affect the service life of both devices. In addition, the laptop itself does not like the close proximity of heating devices. This will quickly burn out the thermal paste on the processor or cooler. The result is the failure of expensive equipment.

Is it safe to put a TV on top of a microwave? It is not safe to put a TV on top of a microwave for two reasons: both, a microwave and a TV may get hot and a part of the microcircuit may be damaged, the stand will melt. Also, when you open the door of a microwave, a large stream of steam reaches the screen of the television panel, damaging its surface.

Also, old heavy TVs absolutely must not be placed on a microwave oven because heavy TVs may damage the device.  And under the influence of additional waves, their electromagnetic radiation will only increase. A poorly secured microwave oven can vibrate and move when you open and close the door. This can cause the TV to break down and fall. After all, some devices should not be placed too close to each other.

Some people simply cannot imagine a comfortable pastime in the kitchen without a TV. In most cases, there is not much space in this room, and you have to save space by installing the TV on the microwave. For convenience and safety, you can hang the panel with a bracket on the wall. This will prolong the operation of the TV and a microwave oven and eliminate unpleasant situations.

If there is no other way out, how to install the TV on the microwave, it is advised not to turn on the appliances at the same time. You also need to check that the heating device has no problems with the door, dents, cracked glass and distortions so that there is no leakage of magnetic waves.

When installing a TV in the kitchen, it is important to calculate the height at which it will be located, and also to know why it should not be placed not only on the microwave oven but also on the refrigerator.

Food on Top of a Microwave

Is it safe to put food on top of a microwave? It is 100% safe to put food on top of a microwave. You just need to pay attention to exactly where the ventilation holes are located near the microwave. If the food does not block them in any way, then you can put the food on top of a microwave. As for the quality of food, it will not deteriorate. The thing is that the microwave oven heats up exclusively from the inside, and the waves arriving during operation have no effect on the bread.

Electric Kettle on Top of a Microwave

Is it possible to put the electric kettle on the microwave? You cannot put the electric kettle on a microwave. The most dangerous thing is water getting inside the microwave oven. This will cause a short circuit, fire, electronics malfunction. Even a new kettle can go awry. For example, the shutdown button will not work or will not immediately work. The boiling water will splash out through the spout and go to the microwave.

The second reason why it is better not to put an electric kettle on the microwave is the high temperature. Its power connector gets hot during use and may damage the microwave. At a minimum, there are cracks and bubbles in the paint of the top panel.

A Multicooker and an Air Fryer on Top of a Microwave

Can you put an air fryer or a multicooker on top of a microwave? You cannot put an air fryer or a multicooker on top of a microwave because moisture leaking from the devices will inevitably get into the microwave, thereby ruining it forever.

Plants on Top of a Microwave

Is it safe to put fresh flowers and plants on the microwave? Modern ovens do not pose any danger either to humans or to flora or fauna. But since the flowers and plants are watered regularly, sooner or later the water will leak into the electronic brains or other parts of the microwave. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to place orchids or ficus above the microwave oven.

Does the top of a microwave get hot? The top of a microwave should not get hot even if you put things on it. To ensure adequate ventilation, the rear of the oven should be at least 10 cm from the wall, and the distance from the top should be at least 20 cm.

It is not recommended to place other objects on the microwave. Experts recommend installing the microwave oven in the kitchen so that it is away from the TV, radio or antenna, because there may be interference in the image and broadcast.

To not regret the money spent, carefully read the instructions for use of household appliances. They say at what height to install them, what you cannot put on or in it in order to extend the service life of the equipment. A microwave oven is not a piece of furniture, but a delicate and sensitive device. To maintain its performance as long as possible, it is best to never put anything on it.


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