Pros and Cons of a White Kitchen. Tips on How to Maintain a White Kitchen.

Choosing the colour of your new kitchen can be frustrating and complicated. So many colours, so many options… The topic of my today’s research is a white kitchen — what are the pros and cons of white kitchens, what materials are better to use for their decoration, and some tips on how to maintain a white kitchen.

Is a White Kitchen a Good Idea?

A white kitchen is undoubtedly timeless. For some people, a white kitchen will be a good idea and some people will simply avoid it. White colour in the kitchen is a very controversial question that design experts do not have a unanimous opinion on. And there are many reasons for this. Take, for example, the fact that working with white colour is a big responsibility. If you overdo with this colour, your kitchen will look uninhabited and cold.

However, your white kitchen (any kitchen basically) will need a good dishwasher. Check out my research on the pros and cons of dishwashers. 

Why Does Everyone Want a White Kitchen?

Everyone seems to want a white kitchen in their houses. What is the reason for that? Maybe because the white kitchen can be not only beautiful and glamorous but also practical. White does not have to be boring, we can choose matte, glossy or lacquered furniture with decorative strips. There are many reasons why almost everyone wants a white kitchen, so we will look at the pros and cons of white kitchen furniture.

A White Kitchen — Pros

  • The white colour adds space and light. A small white kitchen will seem much bigger than it actually is. If we additionally apply such techniques as painting the walls in a light colour and using good lighting, the effect will be guaranteed. Everyone wants to have a big kitchen but not everyone can afford it — the white colour is for the rescue here.
  • White colour is compatible with any other colour. You do not have to puzzle over the selection of the palette. The same applies to materials — white kitchen looks great when combined with wood, glass and ceramics.
  • A white kitchen does not require excessive design refinements. it is beautiful itself, you do not need to think about additional decor, experiment with shapes and colours. (You can if you want to, of course) White minimalism will still look aristocratic and elegant.
  • Any kitchen appliance or any utensil matches with white colour perfectly. Even if you notice some “disagreement” in the selection of dishes and appliances, this will not be so evident in the white kitchen. Multi-coloured dishes will play the necessary role of additional colour spots, which are very necessary on a white background.
  • A white kitchen allows you to experiment. Such a kitchen can be compared to a white canvas, on which you can create an original composition with the help of decor, textiles or individual pieces of furniture. Try, experiment, transform your kitchen and the result will be great.
  • A white kitchen can be done in various styles. Minimalism, classic, industrial, Scandinavian, Provence, shabby chic — white colour and its many shades are compatible with any style. Your house will sparkle with new colours if you use just a tiny bit of imagination.
  • A white kitchen is practical. Just like any other colour — it requires as much cleaning and maintenance as any other colour would require. If you clean your kitchen regularly, it will always be like new.
    In addition, the white kitchen makes you be neat and tidy which is good for your discipline — it is so nice to see a magnificent white colour.
    In fact, the white kitchen gets dirty just like any other colour, because if dirt is less visible on the dark colours, doesn’t it mean that it is not?

A White Kitchen — Cons

  • The white kitchen may look and feel not cosy, we often associate the white colour with cold, don’t we? The abundance of white will make the atmosphere cold. Therefore, when planning the interior of the kitchen, use not one, but several of its shades. But here it all depends on the shade of white and the presence of other colours. You can always add pure white with cosy details and unusual accessories.Do you know that the main palette of interior paints consists of 16 white colours — opal, ivory, cream, linen, boiled, icy, pearl? So, why not choose different shades of white?
  • Lighting. The kitchen, like any other room in white, requires a special approach to the selection of lighting. After all, the overall impression of the room depends on how correctly it is selected.For example, the yellow light will make the atmosphere too “warm”, from which the whole effect of the white “cold” room will disappear, and white with a blue tint, on the contrary, will cool it down.
    There is only one way out of this situation — to experiment. Only in this case you will choose the right lighting and be satisfied with the result that turned out.
    Remember, there is no right or wrong when you choose the colour of your kitchen — you are the one who will live there and have lunch every day, so the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in your kitchen.
  • Do white cabinets turn yellow? Yes, the white colour on the facades may turn yellow and become untidy over time. The reasons for your white cabinets turning yellow is improper care and direct sunlight. So make sure that you have proper thick curtains in your kitchen.In fact, if you use high-quality varnish, the white colour of your kitchen will remain sparkling and beautiful for a very long time. So, be careful when choosing a kitchen unit: poor-quality painting can lead to the fact that over time the facades turn yellow.
  • Spots or fingerprints may require a more often cleaning. But it again depends on the varnish coating and, of course, whether you wipe all the working surface.

Is a White Kitchen a Good Idea?

When you ask yourself a question whether a white kitchen is a good idea you must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages, and, of course, listen to your heart. 

White furniture is certainly versatile and timeless, although for some it can also be sterile and quickly get dirty. However, we must decide which kitchen we like the most. After all, remember that the material from which they are made is very important — the durability of the furniture depends on it.

If you are cautious about the white kitchen not being practical, then do not worry. You just need to do the cleaning regularly to make your white kitchen look tidy. Cleanliness does not depend on the colour of the facades. Just keep wet wipes for cleaning at hand. If quick cleaning becomes your habit, your kitchen will always remain clean and you will not need to change your kitchen every 5 years.

If you are unsure whether a white kitchen looks too “sterile”, then the mood and style of the kitchen can be easily changed with the help of accessories. Is an all-white kitchen too much? It could be if you feel that way. You don’t need to have an all-white kitchen if you feel that it is too much, you can add a lot of accessories or choose different shades of white. So be sure to think about interesting details in your white kitchen.

If you have a big family and you cook all the time, then perhaps the white kitchen is not for you. A white kitchen requires cleaning, but let’s be honest, any kitchen does.

If you are a busy person and cannot spend much time cleaning, it is better to replace the white colour with some other, more practical one. To make cleaning the white kitchen faster and more convenient — choose materials that are most “adapted” to this: instead of laminate, wood and porous and stain-sensitive light marble, use ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware.

Do you like spices? This may be dangerous for your white kitchen. A lot of spices such as turmeric are natural colours, so if you are a fan of spices, you will need to pay thorough attention to any spots the spices leave. Usually, they can easily be washed with warm water if you do this right away. But if you leave it for a couple of days, that might become an annoying problem in the future.

A white kitchen is undoubtedly a perfect choice for someone who does not like cooking or does this rarely. If you are a fan of takeaway, you are also good.

Is a White Kitchen Difficult to Maintain?

A white kitchen is not difficult to maintain if you do it regularly and use proper cleaning chemicals. We have prepared some tips on how to keep your white kitchen neat and tidy.

  • Always do the quick cleaning after cooking. The first and most important rule of white kitchens is express cleaning: you will save a lot of time by wiping fresh stains with wet wipes immediately while or after cooking.
  • Buy good thick curtains. Owners of white kitchens often wonder: why do the initially sparkling white surfaces of a kitchen unit turn yellow over time? The answer is the sunlight. Therefore, think about curtains and blinds to protect white surfaces from direct sunlight.
  • Use a cooker hood. Once you start cooking, turn on the hood immediately: this will help filter out the tiny particles that settle on white surfaces and pollute them.
  • If your white kitchen still turns yellow, try removing the unpleasant shade with a mixture of one glass of vinegar, two glasses of warm water with one tablespoon of baking soda.
  • To maintain cleanliness clean your kitchen with warm water and dishwashing liquid. After you wash this mixture, do not forget to wipe the surface dry.
  • Don’t use scratching sponges as they will scratch your shiny white kitchen. Replace them with cotton rags.
  • Clean the kitchen tiles. A thick paste of vinegar and baking soda will help you clean the tiles and tile joints. You need to thoroughly vacuum the floor before washing it.

What to Know Before Getting a White Kitchen? Useful tips.

  • To begin with, decide which facade of the kitchen you prefer: matte or glossy. Gloss is a more practical option from the point of view of cleaning, but touch marks are less noticeable on a matte surface.
  • A good option for a white kitchen will be marble and granite countertops or facades made of wood. The white colour of the kitchen unit goes well with polished nickel, stainless steel and glass.
  • For kitchen walls, you should use materials which can be cleaned easily — washable wallpaper or plaster is suitable.
  • In order not to look faceless, the white kitchen, of course, should be diluted with colour accents, they will revive it. You can use both bright and calm colours.
  • Built-in appliances will also help emphasize the stylishness and minimalism of a white kitchen: for example, ovens with glass inserts in front.
  • The white kitchen is in itself a treasure of the interior, so there are not many accessories required. On the contrary, minimalism is needed. It is also worth considering that the hinged shelves in a white kitchen will look much better than bulky cabinets. But again, it all depends on your preferences, of course.
  • Ceramic tile is perfect for the white kitchen floor since it is very easy to wash. And one of the most winning options is a two-coloured chess pattern. A white laminate will also look good. White colour goes well with wooden floors of any shades.

All White Kitchen Reveal — MissLizHeart

White Kitchen — Useful Tips for Creating Perfect Interior

Without a doubt, the most popular colour for the kitchen among designers is white. After all, the shades of white are incredibly stylish and attractive, they are in perfect harmony with any colour.

White will be the perfect solution in almost any interior which has been repeatedly proven in practice. But how to make the white kitchen not boring, faceless and not look sterile? Here are some tips to avoid this.

  • Fill the room with light. The white kitchen is especially good in natural light. Organize the correct flow of daylight so that it freely enters the room. To do this, remove tall flowers from the windowsills, and also use transparent curtains instead of massive curtains. But remember that direct sunlight will make your white kitchen cabinets turn yellow. That is why you need to buy thick good-quality curtains or blinds.Also, do not forget about artificial lighting, paying enough attention to working surfaces and the dining area. After all, it is very important to make them bright so that every little thing is clearly visible. This is aesthetically pleasing and it helps to protect you from accidental cuts.
  • Maybe add some colour? Nothing will enliven the snow-white space as a few well-chosen colourful elements. Bright dishes, decorative napkins, multi-coloured curtains or even the extravagant retro refrigerator are all wonderful objects in order to bring even more life and energy into your white kitchen.
  • What about some wood furniture? There has been a tendency to replace wood with more durable and resistant materials, but despite this, wooden elements in combination with white shades are very popular today. Moreover, it will probably remain up-to-date for a long time, so do not worry about the fashion side. Details such as a dining table, shelves or wooden floors will make the white kitchen warm and cosy like never before.
  • Try different mosaics and ornate patterns. Various ornaments and ornate patterns will be a wonderful decoration on a snow-white background. Moreover, there are many ways from decorative tiles and mosaics to prints on glass or painting for the design of such a beautiful kitchen.
  • Add plants and flowers. Green colour will not only decorate the interior of the kitchen but also give a lot of fresh air to the room, which has a good impact on both — your mood and health. Whether you get live plants in pots or freshly cut flowers they will always fit perfectly into the design and become a real pleasure for your eyes.

White Kitchen Ideas & Dining Room Decorating Ideas Video Guide

Video – RunmanReCords. White Color Kitchen Design.

As you can see, white kitchens have a lot of advantages and only a few disadvantages. If you are a big fan of white colour — it is worth getting a white kitchen. If you take ten minutes of your free time to clean your kitchen after every use, you will be enjoying the kitchen for many years.

White kitchens are definitely a good idea but only if you follow all the tips above on how to look after your kitchen and what to know before getting a white kitchen.




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