Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Covers. Care and Maintenance Tips.

Who doesn’t like swimming in the warm water? If you think it will cost you an arm and leg to heat your pool, you are mistaken — solar pool covers are for the rescue here. Today we have prepared in-depth research on all the pros and cons of solar pool covers.

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Solar Pool Covers Pros:

A solar pool cover is widely used both for outdoor and indoor pools and provides its owners with a number of significant advantages, such as:

  • Increasing pool water temperature — since the air chambers are heated in the sun during the day which then heats up the pool water.
    How much will a solar cover heat a pool? A solar cover can raise the water temperature to 10 ° C. If you use a pool water heater, you will also see a significant reduction in heating costs, which is always a plus, isn’t it?
    The smooth surface of the solar pool cover is responsible for the accumulation of solar energy in small bubbles that come into contact with water and give the accumulated heat to it.
  • Reducing heat evaporation – up to 65% of the energy used to heat your pool is usually lost during evaporation. Most of the solar energy absorbed by the water in the pool during the day evaporates with the water and returns to the atmosphere. If you cover your pool with a solar blanket, you create a barrier for evaporation and the heat absorbed during the day remains in the water.
  • Extending the swimming season in the pool. If you live in a northern climate, you may feel that the swimming season in the outdoor pool is too short. Fortunately, modern technology has come to the rescue again. By itself, the “solar cover” can extend your swimming season for several weeks, as it allows you to keep the water warm even on a cool autumn night. Compare this to a heater, and you can swim for several weeks longer than usual.
  • Reducing the consumption of chemicals and reducing the load on the water filtration system. A solar blanket can save up to 40% of the water lost during evaporation. This means that you do not have to add water to your pool as often, therefore you reduce the consumption of chemicals for processing freshwater in the pool.
  • Reducing the time and frequency of cleaning the pool. Why would you leave the outdoor pool uncovered allowing it to be subject to dust, sand, dirt and leaves when you can easily and quickly spread a solar cover to protect it. In addition, you will spend less time picking up the garbage and more time to relax in the pool.
  • The price. It is probably one of the most important advantages of solar pool covers. A solar pool cover is so inexpensive that you can recoup your investment in one season.
  • Versatility. The solar pool covers are used differently in different climatic conditions. If you live in a dry, windy area, consider covering the pool when you are not using it during the day. If you live in a warm humid area just cover at night to keep warm in the water.
  • Easy to use. Solar pool blankets require a minimum of maintenance and are easily cut to fit even the most complex shapes of the contour of the pool surface.
  • Resistance to direct sunlight. The solar coating perfectly handles ultraviolet rays and does not deform under their influence.
  • Durability. The solar pool cover is made of very durable polyethene the thickness of which can vary in the range from 200 to 600 microns. Thicker types will cost more than thinner blankets but they will also provide greater strength and durability. The best solar pool cover thickness is 500 microns. The solar pool cover also has extra strong seams to increase the strength and durability of use.
  • Reducing electricity bills. Solar pool covers will reduce your energy consumption and. Solar blankets can also be used as the only type of pool heating, especially in the summer. In such cases, the owners will not have any additional costs for heating the pool.

Solar Pool Covers Cons

  • Not 100% safe. The solar pool cover can do a lot of tasks but if a person or animal falls into the pool, they will rip it and injure themselves. But this can happen with any type of pool covers. You just need to avoid these situations by looking after your children and pets.


Are Pool Solar Covers Worth It?

Pool solar covers are definitely worth it for a number of reasons. First of all, thanks to the solar cover you can raise the temperature of the water in the pool from 10 to 15 degrees which helps to provide more comfortable conditions for relaxation and also extends the seasonal use of the pool. In addition, since solar coverings work only on solar energy they are an environmentally friendly option for heating the pool water.

As you reduce your energy consumption, you will also be able to save quite a lot of money. The solar pool covers can also be used as the only type of pool heating, especially in the summer. If you do this, you will not need to spend any money on pool heating.

When the pool is covered with a solar blanket, the consumption of chemicals used for water treatment is significantly reduced. Finally, a solar cover can help keep the pool clean by restricting debris from entering the water when the pool is covered and not in use.

Solar Pool Cover — Does it help?

How Long Does It Take a Solar Cover to Heat Pool?

A solar cover will increase the water temperature by 5-6 degrees in just 12 hours. So you can cover your pool in the morning and you will enjoy swimming in warm water in the evening.

What Colour is Best for a Solar Pool Cover?


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