Should I Buy Memory Foam Pillow? Pros & Cons

Sleep quality directly depends on how you sleep and what you sleep on. Sleep-related things should be chosen with the utmost care, from the bed itself to the pillow. Let’s find out what is the use of a memory foam pillow and whether it is worth buying.

Why are memory foam pillows good? Memory foam pillows are good because they help to breathe freely and easily during sleep, induce calm and sound sleep as the body gets into the correct position and rests. You will never get a headache after sleeping on a memory foam pillow and your body will always be well-rested.

Now let’s dive into the pros and cons of memory foam pillows and you will decide whether you should get one for yourself.

Why Are Memory Foam Pillows Good? Pros of Memory Foam Pillows.

  • Memory foam pillows are durable and last for 3-5 years. The material is resistant to wearing out and doe snot deform.
  • Memory foam pillows have good air permeability and it will not get stuffy during sleep.
  • Memory foam pillows provide for rapid evaporation of moisture from the filler which ensures its porous structure.
  • Memory foam pillows will keep you warm if the room is cool, the pillow will not cool down, which will ensure a comfortable sleep.
  • Memory foam pillows ensure the full head support that is important for diseases of the cervical spine.
  • Memory foam pillows are good for your health as create a position for the cervical vertebra in which the possibility of pinching of nerve endings and squeezing of blood vessels is significantly reduced.
  • Memory foam pillows are good for your sleep and rest. Memory foam pillows help to breathe freely and easily during sleep and prevent snoring, they induce calm and sound sleep as the body takes the correct position and rests.
    As a result of model testing, it has been proven that the orthopaedic base allows for normal breathing during sleep. That is why these pillows are recommended for people who suffer from snoring.
    Insomnia goes away forever. In the morning, you will look fresh and the body is well-rested. And it is even easier to wake up. So if you are not a morning person, a memory foam pillow might make you one.
  • Memory foam pillows restore blood flow and lymph circulation, which gives a healing effect for muscles and spine, create support for the head and back, do not interfere with the blood supply to the brain.
  • Memory foam pillows relax your muscles. When using these pillows, something like a micro-massage occurs, and your muscles do not hurt and joints and vertebrae do not ache, and headache does not bother you anymore.
  • Memory foam pillows will make you stay young. The effect of smoothing wrinkles on the neck and face is better than any creams and masks as memory foam pillows will improve the process of cell regeneration. This is one of the ways to stop ageing and rejuvenate the body.
  • Memory foam pillows do not collect dust mites.

Are Memory Foam Pillows Bad For You? Cons of Memory Foam Pillows.

  • Memory foam pillows need to be got used to. The main disadvantage of orthopaedic pillows is that you need to get used to them. Indeed, there is such a feature – immediately after feather or synthetic products, an orthopaedic pillow may even seem uncomfortable. But modern manufacturers produce products “for beginners”. In addition, not everyone is faced with the very need to get used to.
  • Poor air circulation inside the filler leads to the fact that the memory foam pillow “does not breathe” and heats up, so it is hot to sleep on such a pillow in summer. Many manufacturers deal with this problem by making ventilation holes in the polyurethane foam or using a special gel that creates a cooling effect.
  • How long does it take for the memory foam to stop smelling? Will memory foam smell go away? The new memory foam pillow exudes an unpleasant synthetic odour, which completely disappears a few days after the start of use. This is due to the residues of chemical gas compounds that appear during the production of the filler.
    Since only environmentally friendly substances are allowed to be used for the manufacture of pillows, the smell is absolutely harmless, although in people with increased sensitivity it can cause a quickly passing headache.
  • The cost of bedding with Memory Foam is much higher than that of other items. 

The pros obviously outweigh all the cons of memory foam pillows, even without taking into account the health benefits. Ordinary pillows simply cannot support your muscles.

Still, feathers, fluff and synthetic sag under your weight. And if the pillow is packed tightly, it will definitely not adjust to the curves of the body. Therefore, with the usual pillows, the muscles do not completely relax, the muscles inevitably remain in static tension. And only orthopaedic products with memory effect allow muscles to truly relax. As a result, throughout the night, the blood vessels are not pinched, the brain is actively supplied with oxygen.

An orthopaedic pillow with memory can be safely recommended to any person. And especially to those who are familiar with the problems of the spine – cervical osteochondrosis, injuries, pinched nerves, spondylosis of the spine. Or leads a sedentary lifestyle, which inevitably leads to complaints of pain and tension in the neck.

What Is Memory Foam And Its Pros And Cons?

How Do I Choose a Memory Foam Pillow?

It is necessary to choose pillows with memory effect correctly. Mistakes can easily lead to harm, causing shoulder and back pain, and poor sleep. Here are the tips on how to choose a memory foam pillow.

  • The size

The model with memory must be suitable in size. If the shoulders are wide, then the roller is needed 14 cm, and if the shoulders are narrow  — 10 cm. For the rest, a standard model is recommended, which has a roller of 12 cm. The convenient size of the whole pillow is 50 cm by 70 cm.

  • Height

The orthopaedic memory foam pillow provides reliable head and neck support for comfort and total relaxation. To fully experience the healing effect of the memory pillow, you need to carefully select its height, focusing on your height and complexion.

The approximate height of the orthopaedic pillow is from 7 to 17 cm. There is a rule: the wider the shoulders, the higher the pillow should be.

Sleeping on your side is most comfortable on a pillow when the height matches the width of your shoulders. For sleeping on your back, a lower pillow will suit you, because lying on your back is easier for you to keep your spine straight. And finally, in order to comfortably sit on your stomach for sleeping, choose the lowest pillow (you can even a baby pillow, only 7 cm high). The presence of two rollers allows you to change the height of the pillow by simply turning it over. With this pillow, you will be comfortable to sleep in any position.

  • The form

There are models of unusual shapes on sale. They are original, but rectangular or bone-shaped are more convenient for sleeping. This is proven by medical supervision.

Modern manufacturers of orthopaedic pillows offer a wide range of pillows of various shapes: square, rectangular, round, oval. The most popular form of an orthopedic pillow is the rectangle. This versatile shape creates better support for the head and neck, relaxes the back and shoulders, and maintains a physiological body position during sleep.

As for the relief of the pillow, it can also be different. As mentioned above, the pillow can have rolls of different heights. In addition, some pillows have a recess that snugly hugs the head and creates a feeling of weightlessness and relaxation.

If you like to sleep on your side more than in any other position, especially comfortable pillows with a shoulder recess have been created especially for you.

It should be noted that the orthopaedic effect of the pillow lies not in the shape, but in the material. The pillow itself takes the shape of your body, adjusting to all its curves.

  • Filler

The material for the memory foam pillow must have a health safety certificate. The choice is determined by personal taste since several types of filler differ in the memory property.

The memory foam pillow can be made of both natural and synthetic materials. Classic orthopaedic pillows are made of polyurethane foam with memory effect. Thanks to modern technologies, it has become possible to make foams not from petroleum products, but from natural ingredients – castor oil, soy, as well as impregnation with extracts of medicinal plants.

  • Rigidity

This indicator is important for all orthopaedic items. The rigidity of a memory foam pillow is determined by the sleeping position. If a person spends most of the night on his back, then the rigidity should be medium. When sleeping on the side, you will need a hard model, and when on the stomach you will need a soft one.

That said, to determine which degree of rigidity you prefer, determine which position you like to sleep in the most. For sleeping on your side, choose the hardest pillow with good neck and head support. If you like to sleep on your back, a medium-hard pillow will suit you. And finally, those who love sleeping on their stomach need the softest orthopaedic pillow that will not press on the face, forming premature wrinkles.

It is necessary to choose a pillow with a memory effect in specialized centres, where they can provide certificates for all goods. If the shop does not have a proper license, do not make this purchase. Do not buy a pillow if its price is a lot different from others. Probably, it is a Chinese low-quality fake memory foam pillow which will only do harm to you. It is better to invest money in a good memory foam pillow or opt for a cheaper feather pillow which will be of good quality.

The main selection criterion for your memory foam pillow is your convenience and comfort during sleep, the ability to completely relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders. The spine should be as straight as possible. If after sleeping on a pillow with memory effect you feel rested and full of energy, you are not worried about heaviness and pain in muscles and joints, then you have chosen your pillow correctly.

A model that regains its shape is expensive, but the expense is justified. The memory foam pillow is necessary for everyone from the age of three and it will always be an excellent gift. From the very first night, it will become clear how comfortable and convenient it is for rest. When used, it ensures healthy sleep and a surge of energy for the whole day.

How Long Should You Keep Memory Foam Pillows?

Memory foam pillows are very durable and that is why you should keep them for 3-5 years before buying a new one.

Can Memory Foam Pillows Be Washed?

Even though the memory foam pillow is very easy to care for, it should not be washed in the washing machine. You can only wash the pillowcase, and this should be done as it gets dirty, just like using a regular pillow. It is enough to follow the simple cleaning rules, and this bedding will serve faithfully for many years.

If memory foam pillow is dirty, it must be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water. This will have to be done infrequently since the porous filler is well ventilated, does not retain odours and does not collect dust, keeping it fresh and clean for a long time.

It is strictly forbidden to wash the polyurethane pillow in automatic mode, as it is possible to destroy the structure of the material and deprive the product of its useful properties. You can only wash the pillowcase, and this should be done as it gets dirty, just like using a regular pillow.

How do you get the smell out of a memory foam pillow? The odour is sometimes possible, but only for the first few days. If you want to get the smell out of a memory foam pillow, just ventilate the room after placing a new mattress and or pillow in it. The smell will not be in the room, after a few days it will disappear.


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