Should I Put Carpet In My Living Room?

Some people think that the carpet on the floor in the living room is a relic of the past. Well, old carpets with creepy roses may not be modern. But there are many stylish and beautiful coatings that not only do not spoil the interior but also make it more stylish and cozy. And a carpet on the floor in the living room can be an excellent idea. It is only important to choose correctly so that it is not only beautiful and stylish but also practical.

Should I put carpet in my living room? You should put a carpet in your living room because it will create a cozy atmosphere, absorb noise, and give more warmth. Carpets have good heat preservation properties, so you will save money on bills. Good-quality carpets are very stylish and will decorate any interior. You will have to clean the carpet once a week, but it is definitely a good investment for your house. 

Before deciding whether you should put carpet in your living room, you should consider the pros and cons of carpets. Let’s dive into them.

Pros of Having a Carpet in a Living Room:

  • Carpets make a room cozier. Bright beautiful carpets in the interior can become the main accent of your home. If you do not want to use active colors in the design of the room, then the carpet in the interior of the living room can just become that bright, eye-catching accessory. And if you suddenly get bored, you can simply remove it. Carpets definitely give a feeling of comfort.
  • Carpets make a living room warmer. Carpets have excellent heat preservation properties that will help you to save some money on heating bills.
  • Carpets are stylish. Several types of carpets are in trend not only this year but have already become classics, which means they are not going to go out of fashion yet. These are oriental ornaments, strict geometric patterns (most often found in the design of Scandinavian interiors), matting (woven jute or cotton rugs).
    It is widely believed among designers that carpet is an important and finishing touch to any interior. No expensive laminate or parquet flooring will look luxurious and cozy without a beautiful carpet.
  • Carpets have excellent noise insulation properties. You can walk barefoot or wear high heels and there will be no noise. This is a perfect solution for reducing the noise from your shoes or pets.
  • Carpets are durable. The service life of carpets made of artificial and natural pile differs slightly, but carpets last 10-15 years. For example, nylon carpet will last about 10 years, and acrylic and polyester carpet will last 5-8 years. The service life of the natural wool carpet is about 10 years.
  • Carpets provide household safety. Carpeting also makes homes much safer, especially if there are children or the elderly in the house. Carpeted floors can help save your family members from serious injuries because they are non-slippery, soft, and smooth.

Cons of Having a Carpet in a Living Room:

  • Carpets require a high level of maintenance. If there is any delay on your part to properly maintain the carpet, it will make your room look dirty and unsightly rather than warm and inviting. You should clean it deeply at least once a year and vacuum it regularly. If the carpet is small, then you can clean or wash it yourself, but it will not be easy to cope with a large one without the help of professionals. Old, stubborn stains will require some effort, and of course, the weekly cleaning will take some time too. In this regard, small rugs, of course, benefit.
  • Carpets are sensitive to moisture and stains. Carpet is also a very sensitive flooring material. It absorbs stains easily and can be easily damaged when soaked. Carpets are also prone to mildew when used in humid environments. So you will have to make sure that you ventilate the living room and maintain the necessary level of humidity.
  • Carpets collect dust and dirt. Some carpets, especially natural ones, can collect dust very quickly. You will need to clean it at least once a week. Synthetic carpets will get dirty slower, but they still require care.
  • Carpets are expensive. Natural handmade carpet is really expensive. But artificial materials are not worse in quality and more affordable. That is why you can find a good-quality carpet for a decent price.
  •  Static electricity. Wool and some artificial materials are highly electrified, especially in winter, when the air is dry by heating devices. But cotton and other woven carpets do not have this.

How to Choose a Rug for the Living Room?

Choosing Rug Material for the Living Room

Silk, wool, cotton, and even any of the synthetic carpets will look great in the interior of the living room. The choice will depend on the preferences of the inhabitants of the house and the design of the living room. Let’s consider separately each of the presented carpet options, paying attention to its advantages, and offering the reader specific advice.

A silk carpet in the interior is a delicacy, beauty, and status. If you choose an expensive silk carpet for the living room, you will emphasize the uniqueness of this room in your house. The silk carpet will give pleasant sensations of softness and tenderness to you and your family members. Such a carpet is durable and will last a long time. In summer it will give you coolness, and in winter it will strengthen the pleasant emotions associated with touching art, turning your home into a real palace.

A wool carpet is warm, cozy, and practical. If you choose a natural wool carpet or a carpet with the addition of wool threads, you guarantee yourself and everyone who surrounds you in the living room a feeling of softness, warmth, and harmony. When stepping on a carpet of wool on cold winter evenings, you will always remember the warm summer and soft grass.

A cotton rug is the most budget-friendly natural rug. Thanks to a wide range of color palettes and a variety of patterns, it can structure the room and collect individual parts of the living room and interior items into a single space.

What is the best rug for a living room? The best rug for a living room is a synthetic carpet due to its practicality. If you have a big family or there are many guests in your family, if there are pets, or furniture is often moved on the carpet, then a synthetic carpet is your best option. Modern synthetic carpets are made of such high quality that they can imitate any natural material and become a real decoration of your living room.

What carpet material to choose for the living room? First of all, the carpet in the living room should be pleasant to the touch, so products made from jute, hemp and coconut are not very suitable for this role. Carpets made of natural materials (wool, cotton, silk, fur) are always more expensive due to the cost of production.

Artificial materials in carpets are cheaper analogues of natural components. For example, wool, in terms of its tactile and thermal insulation qualities, may well replace high-quality polypropylene or acrylic. And if you have always dreamed of the shine of silk threads on your floor, then a viscose carpet will cope with this task just as good.

  • Choose a rug sized to accentuate the central area of ​​your living room. If you are zoning your room, then it is better to buy not one, but two or more carpets, highlighting each zone separately.
  • If your living room is a popular room with high traffic, then it is better to choose a carpet with a short or medium pile, because a long pile quickly wears out under high load.
  • A round carpet in the living room is appropriate when it is complemented by another round piece of furniture of a significant size: a dining group, a chandelier, a round sofa.
  • If you are in doubt about the color of the carpet, pay attention to the color of other living room textiles: curtains, furniture upholstery, sofa cushions. When combined with them, the carpet will look more natural and harmonious.

How to Choose the Color of Your Living Room Carpet?

The choice of the carpet color depends on several factors:

  • Room size. Small living rooms will appear larger with a lighter carpet. And spacious rooms will become more comfortable if you use a coarpet of dark colors.
  • Light. In a room with a lot of natural light, darker shades can be used, while the carpet in a living room with a north-facing window should be lighter, since in natural light it will appear darker than it actually is.
  • Traffic intensity. If children often play in the living room, pets run, or you arrange friendly gatherings with drinks and food in the living room, then light or monochromatic coverings will not be the best idea. A more practical option is a patterned or colored rug that is less noticeable for stains and spills.

If you are in doubt about what color it is better to buy a carpet for the hall, follow a simple rule: the carpet will look better if it has at least two accent colors present in the decor of the room. If you’re looking for a color-neutral finish, then beige or gray rugs are timeless favorites.


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