Ultimate Guide on How to Make a House Cooler

In winter, many of us are looking for ways to insulate a room, but in summer, the main task is to cool a house. The task is especially important if you do not have an air conditioner or do not want to use it for some reason. There are many ways of making your house cooler naturally, but choosing among those that really work is not always easy. Let’s find out top tips on how to make your house cooler.

How Do I Keep My House Cool Without AC?

Let’s start with top tips on how to keep your house cool without an air conditioner.

  • Hang curtains or blinds. The sun’s rays penetrate the room and heat the air and objects. To avoid this, hang blackout curtains or blinds. They will have to be kept drawn up or covered while it is light outside.
  • Cover the windows with foil. It is not suitable for those people who like light rooms, though. If you want the light from the street to enter the room, cover the windows with sunscreen. It helps to cope with the heat without turning the apartment into a dungeon.
  • Ventilate properly. Do not open windows during the day: hot air from the street will get into the apartment. It is better to open the windows during the hours when it is cool, for example, early in the morning or late at night. If you can, leave the windows open at night. Cover them before it gets hot outside.
  • Humidify the air. Cold water will help cool the room. The first option is a spray bottle: fill it with ice water and spray it every hour and a half. The main thing is not to overdo it as humid air will not add comfort.
    The second option is a humidifier. Pour ice water into it and add ice. You can add a drop of peppermint or lemon essential oil.
  • Turn off household appliances. Try not to use the stove and oven. This also applies to an electric kettle, iron, coffee maker as they heat the air. Even your computer and TV should be turned off when you don’t need them.
  • Replace bulbs. Incandescent lamps get very hot during use. They should be replaced with LED ones as they hardly heat up. If it is not possible to replace the lamps, it is better to turn off the lighting in the heat.
  • Turn off the heated towel rail. The heating in the apartment does not work in the summer, and the heated towel rail remains on. If it is connected to hot water pipes, close the valves. With an electric heated towel rail, it is easier as it is turned off with a switch or unplugged.
  • Switch on the hood. If you have to cook on the stove or take a warm shower, turn on the hood in the kitchen or bathroom. It will remove some of the hot air and steam from the room.
  • Improve fan performance. The fan alone does not cool the room. To make it look like a conditioner, place bottles of ice water in front of it. If you have time, fill them with water and freeze them: this will be even more effective.
  • Freeze your sheets and hang them around the house or cover yourself at night for a cooler sleep. The sheets will take 10-15 minutes in the freezer to cool down to the optimum temperature.
  • Do wet cleaning 1-2 times a day. Wipe the floor and furniture at least once a day. To do this, use ice water: it will cool the surfaces. This method has one more bonus as it will become easier to breathe in the apartment because there will be less dust in the air.
  • Walk barefoot. Dense, warm items, such as carpets, bedspreads, pile fabrics and blackout curtains, heat up most quickly in a room. In addition, dust and fine dirt accumulate on the carpet in summer in greater volume than at any other time of the year. It is better to put them on the mezzanine in advance – in the event of an unexpected cold snap, they will be easy to find.
  • Water treatments. There is no sun, but the heat is still unbearable? Covering open windows with a wet cloth or regularly spray the mosquito net with cold water using a spray bottle — this will slightly block the stifling air from the street and make the breeze cooler.
  • Instead of the usual pillow, take a pillow stuffed with buckwheat. It does not retain heat, therefore it will be easier to sleep on it.
  • Soft drinks work great, only you should not drink them too quickly — you can get sick;
  • On the hottest days, try to move less.
  • Change your diet in favour of increasing the number of plant foods and reducing heavy carbohydrates, at the same time, you won’t have to cook a lot in the kitchen. It is better to drink plain water in the heat, and carbonated, sugary and sour drinks can trick your body, causing artificial thirst.
  • The hottest nights will be easier to survive if you move to sleep on the floor.

If you use these methods one at a time, you won’t notice much difference. But it is worth combining several to make living in the apartment noticeably easier.

Cool not only the apartment but also yourself: drink cool drinks, eat salads and cold snacks, pamper yourself with ice cream, take a cool shower. Just do not overdo it and do not sit under a ventilator to avoid getting sick.

How Can I Keep My House Cool in Hot Weather? How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally?

To make life more comfortable in the heat and keep your house cool in hot weather, use the following tips:

  • If possible, get rid of heat accumulators for a while. First of all, these are fluffy carpets on your floors.
  • Natural light. Make the most of natural light and try to make the most of artificial lighting in your home. The reason is simple. A traditional 100W lamp can raise the temperature in a small room by 11 degrees Celsius in one hour.
  • Plants. If you like plants, then they can be useful for you during heatstroke. Plants have the ability to lower the temperature in a room by up to 10 degrees Celsius, according to Dr Leonard Perry of the University of Vermont. Ferns, aloe vera and ficus are great choices for cooling your home.
  • Put your bed in summer mode. Most often, the summer heat is felt when trying to sleep. Reduce the amount of bedding and use natural fabrics such as linen or 100 per cent cotton. Synthetic materials don’t breathe enough to take away all the heat we generate at night.Also, keep your sheets fresh. You can dust the sheets with scented talcum powder (or baby powder). This will keep them cool for a while, and will also help absorb sweat while you sleep.
  • Create air circulation. The air will be in motion only if it does it forcibly (for example, a fan is used), or if there is a large temperature difference between the connecting spaces.Night cooling is a great way to naturally lower the temperature in your home. It is advisable to keep windows open precisely in the early morning, at night and late in the evening, when the air outside is cooler than indoors.
  • Water sprayers. They are excellent for both increasing the humidity in the air and for the cooling effect when water gets on the skin.
    Another source of evaporative cooling is to place a large chunk of ice on a tray in front of the fan to trap and transfer the cool, moist air around the room as it melts. This technique is quite effective for small rooms.
  • Use your balcony or veranda. Depending on the layout of your apartment or house, you can arrange the space to sleep in the fresh air. How about giving up bed altogether and sleeping in a hammock all summer?
  • Plant a tree on the sunny side of your home. The tree is the best protector from the midday heat. Do not forget to keep the required distance between trees and the house.
  • The walls of houses and the roof are best painted white. This drastic measure works well for hot regions.

How to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer Without AC Video Guide

What to Do If You Can’t Sleep Because It Is Too Hot?

According to the Government of Western Australia, you need to do the following things if you can’t sleep because it is too hot:

  • Place the bedding in a bag and then in the freezer for a couple of minutes. If there is no room, try to stuff at least a pillowcase in there. This will give you a head start and you will have time to fall asleep while the laundry is cool.
  • Pour ice water into plastic bottles. Better to sleep with them in an embrace: you need to cool the key points. And these are the folds of the elbows, knees, wrists, feet and neck. You can even freeze the bottle and put it to bed. Just wrap it in a cloth to keep the misting bottle from wetting the bed.
  • Pour cold water into a spray bottle and spray on face, neck and knees to cool.
  • Use good cooling aloe-based body cream. It’s even better if it’s kept in the refrigerator.
  • Bed linen should be made of natural breathable fabrics. Best of all are silk, linen and quality cotton. Synthetics will only make your life worse.
  • Watch your diet: too much protein increases the metabolic rate, and you heat up faster, assures the Independent with reference to expert sleep doctor Dave Gibson.
  • Spicy food, oddly enough, helps to cool, because it makes us sweat, and this lowers the body temperature. But you need to eat it at least three hours before bedtime.
  • Exercise in the morning, not in the evening. Exercise raises your body temperature.
  • Take a warm shower, not a cold one. We are so arranged that if the ambient temperature suddenly cools down, the body will begin to work to preserve heat. And this is now definitely useless.
  • Keep windows closed and curtains closed. So the heat from the street will penetrate less into the apartment. It is better if the curtains are dark.
  • Turn off all electrical devices in the bedroom as they heat up and warm the air.
  •  Turn on the fan at night. It will expel hot air from the room, and cool night air will replace it. And the breeze will give at least the illusion of freshness.
  •  Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan. This will cool the air more efficiently.
  •  Drink plenty of water, but not at night. The fluid should enter the body evenly throughout the day. And if you drink more than a glass at night, you have to get up, and then it will be difficult to fall asleep again.
  •  If you do not live alone, sleep separately. Two bodies will produce twice as much the heat.
  •  It is best to get out of bed much lower and sleep on the floor.
  •  Wear socks lightly dampened with cold water at night. If you sleep in a T-shirt, you can also spray it with water.
  •  Rinse your palms and feet with cold water before going to bed.
  •  Keep menthol oil next to your pillow. When it’s hot, you can apply a drop to your forehead — the oil will help your head cool.
  •  Place a damp flannel cloth in the refrigerator an hour before bed. When going to sleep, put it on your forehead – this way you will fall asleep faster.

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