Useful Tips on How to Keep House from Being Stuffy

How often do you often notice that at certain moments it becomes so stuffy in your house that you cannot even breathe? It becomes a big problem especially in the autumn and winter when all the windows and doors are tightly closed.

Why does our home feel stuffy? Our homes feel stuffy because all modern plastic windows and balconies are highly airtight and they do not let street noise and dirt in, but at the same time, they basically do not let any fresh air in. Lack of ventilation leads to the rising of the humidity level and the concentration of carbon dioxide.

If you do not want to cope with a stuffy house, feel free to read my useful tips on how to keep a house or apartment from being stuffy. 

However, one of the most important factors that influence the temperature in your house is your curtains. Go check out my article on what fabric is best for curtains to choose the best ones for your house to keep it cool.

  • Air Сonditioning.

It is perhaps the most controversial way to get rid of heat and stuffiness. Yes, you can quickly get a comfortable temperature in the apartment but air conditioning can lead to frequent hypothermia and, as a result, the risk of getting sick, let alone the noise and dry air.

In fact, an air conditioner can keep your house from being stuffy, however, you need to know how to use your air conditioner correctly to get the best out of it. 

  • The optimum air conditioner temperature must be set at 23-24 degrees.
  • The airflow from the air conditioner must not be directed to the person or back of a person.
  • You need to observe the permissible difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. It should not be more than 8 degrees.
  • Do not forget to sanitize and change filters in the air conditioner.

You can use a floor fan instead of an air conditioner. But fans will only “process” the air that already is in the room and since it feels stuffy in the house, this air already has an increased level of CO2.

When using a floor fan it is best to keep windows and a balcony open so that polluted moist air is drawn out of the room naturally. Of course, a fan can only “deal” with a very small amount of air mass and it probably will not be enough to make your room less stuffy even at night.

If you don’t have an air conditioner yet or you do not want to get it for some reason there are other options on how to make your house less stuffy and reduce the heat.

  • Natural Ventilation.

How do you air out a room quickly? The easiest and probably the best way to make your house less stuffy is to open windows and vents to let fresh air into the room. But do not forget that open windows will also welcome dust, dirt and heat into your apartment. Also, this might lead to the draft which is a good friend of respiratory diseases. If you do not have a good immune system, just go to another room while your windows are open. How long should you air out your house? You will only need 15 minutes to air out your house to feel comfortable.

We basically just need to organize a constant flow of air, maintain optimal (neither high nor low) temperature and humidity level. This can be done by airing, but it should be regular and the incoming air should be clean and fresh.

  • Raise Humidity Level

If your house is stuffy, you can hang wet sheets on the windows or your balcony or spray water in the apartment. This will raise the humidity level and you will breathe easier. But do not overdo it — otherwise, the level of humidity will be too high for the normal functioning of the body and, at some point, it can become unbearably stuffy in the room.

Or you can buy a powerful fan and put ice-water bottles or an ice bowl next to it. This will allow you to cool the air in the room quickly and efficiently.

You can also place containers of ice water in the apartment which will provide freshness while it evaporates.

  • Sun Control Window Film

Hang a sun-protection film or foil on the windows as they will reflect the sun rays and will not let the heat into the room. If you don’t want to hang it on the windows, it can be attached to the curtains from the side of the window.

  • Change Your Light Bulbs

Install energy-saving light bulbs in all chandeliers, they produce 80% less heat than ordinary bulbs. You should install LED lamps as they will not only make your house less warm but also cut your electricity expenses.

  • Shower More

Take a warm or cool shower more often as it will give a feeling of coolness when you go outside again. Do not take cold showers unless you are used to it as these temperature extremes can lead to your catching cold.

  • Cook Less and Drink More

Cook less on the stove and do not use the oven during the hottest period of the day. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, salads and cool drinks more often. As you well know, the human body copes well with thermoregulation, and your task is simply to help a tiny bit.

The mechanism for lowering body temperature is very simple: sweat comes out through the pores that moisturize a certain part of the body and when moisture evaporates, heat transfer increases and the skin gives off heat to the environment, thereby the body cools down.

The best thing we can do to help our body with thermoregulation is to maintain the necessary level of fluid in the body. So we need to drink more, it is especially important to drink water. It is also very effective to drink green tea as it regulates the heat exchange of the body well.

Here is a list of drinks that will help you to cool down when it is stuffy in the apartment:

Green tea as it perfectly regulates heat transfer;
Water with lemon;
Hibiscus tea as it is very delicious and refreshing;
Fruit drinks as they are tasty and healthy;
Mineral water as it perfectly quenches thirst.

In general, you also need to move less and reschedule all your activity for the morning or evening when the air is fresh. You can do the cleaning in the morning or evening and you can just relax during the day.

  • Choose Proper Bedding and Good Pillows

Use natural fabrics for bedding. Also, you can put bedclothes in a plastic bag in the refrigerator before going to bed for 30-40 minutes, then it will be much more pleasant for you to fall asleep lying on cool bedding.

What Type of Bedding Is Best for Keeping Cool?

We all know that it is better to choose bed linen made of light fabrics that allow air to circulate and provide us with comfort. But what bed linen material should we choose when it is very stuffy in the house?

  • Cotton Bedding

Cotton bedding is one of the most affordable options on the market. Cotton is lightweight and breaths great. Cotton feels soft to the body, absorbs moisture and allows air to pass through.

  • Percale Bedding

Percale consists of a dense weaving with lots of threads per square inch. Thanks to this, bedding made of percale is always dense and durable and it has a nice texture. If you like the feeling of a starched bed, percale is your option.

  • Satin Bedding

Satin is similar in texture to silk and is its inexpensive alternative. This material is very smooth and slightly shiny on one side and just matte on the other. Some satin bedding may include viscose which worsens air circulation. Therefore, be sure to check what the satin bedding is made of before buying it.

  • Silk Bedding

Natural silk bedding regulates the body temperature perfectly but, as a rule, it costs a lot. It is also worth remembering that not all silk bedding is the same. It can look beautiful but it can be made of a mixture of natural and synthetic fibre with the addition of nylon or polyester. So if you see some silk bedding in the shop that seems like a bargain, check twice — otherwise you will overheat and sweat during the night.

  • Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo is one of the best materials for summer bedding. Many people compare it to cashmere. Bamboo bedding provides excellent air circulation and adapts well to extreme temperatures. Bamboo absorbs three times more moisture than cotton and dries quickly thus providing the most comfortable sleep in the summer heat. In addition, bamboo bedding has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. And, of course, it is 100% environmentally friendly.

I am a big fan of bamboo as it has so many good qualities and you can always get bamboo products for a good price. I have made a research on bamboo blinds, you can check it out the article here.

  • Wool Bedding

Many perceive wool as a warm material, but in fact, it is an excellent heat insulator as it warms you up when it is cold and cools you down when it is hot.  Wool absorbs moisture well and does not allow hot air to pass through. Also, wool has fire-resistant properties that is why it is the safest material for bedding. Normal wool is too hot, so for the summer, it is better to choose thin wool bedding.

  • Install an Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. Exhaust fans will help you to keep your house cooler as they will take all the hot air from the house. If you have proper ventilation, you will not need to worry about humidity, excess of CO2, high air temperature and whether there is enough fresh air in the house.

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Why Does My House Get So Hot and Stuffy?

There are three reasons that explain why your house gets so hot and stuffy:

  • High temperature outside.
  • High humidity due to lack of regular airing;
  • Excessive concentration of carbon dioxide per square meter of the area.

By turning on a fan or an air conditioner, we eliminate only one component — we slightly reduce the air temperature. It seems that the problem is gone, but it will return as soon as the fan or an air conditioner is turned off.

A person inhales up to 1400 litres of air within one hour. According to the World Health Organization, the maximum concentration of carbon dioxide should not exceed 722 mg / m3. If you stay indoors for 60 minutes or more, this indicator easily reaches 3650 mg / m3, exceeding the norm by 5 times.

For comparison, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the forest does not exceed 630 mg / m3, that is why we always feel great when we go there and it is so easy to breathe.

You must always control the concentration of carbon dioxide in your house or apartment, otherwise, it will get stuffy and you will face the following problems:

  • Dizziness and headache;
  • Apathetic mood;
  • Irritation of the mucous membrane;
  • Insomnia or bad dreams;
  • Serious diseases arise over time: asthma, blood diseases, rhinitis, etc.

All in all, it is necessary to fight stuffiness because being in such an unfavourable atmosphere can cause more serious illnesses. Daily stress state of the body leads to a decrease in the protective functions of the immune system, metabolic disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Providing your apartment or house with fresh air is necessary to make you and your family members feel good. A favourable atmosphere in the home is an integral part of a healthy active and happy life.


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