Where Should a Fish Tank Be Placed?

Congratulations! Now you are a happy fish owner. The next thing you need to do is to find a good place to put the fish tank.

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Where You Should Put Your Fish Tank — Useful Tips

  • You should put a fish tank near a power socket.

It will be easier for you to connect aquarium equipment: lighting, filter, heater and so on. Outlets should not be located below the aquarium. In the of leakage or water escaping from the aquarium, there is a risk of getting a short circuit and burnt wiring in the apartment.

  • You should put a fish tank close to water.

Aquariums require regular water changing and it is very inconvenient to walk with buckets of water through your residence if you put an aquarium somewhere far from the tap. Proximity to the bathroom or kitchen makes it easier to solve many aquarium problems: from water changes to flushing filters and soil.

  • You should put a fish tank in a dark and quiet place.

Fish do not like noise. Therefore, try to install your aquarium away from the TV, computer speakers and other sources of loud sound.

Where You Should Not Put Your Fish Tank — Useful Tips

  • You should not put a fish tank by the window.

A window-mounted aquarium is exposed to direct sunlight. If you have ever kept aquariums, then you know how easily and quickly algae appear under such conditions and how difficult it is to remove them. Direct sunlight is one of the major causes of algae damage to the aquarium.

If you are not a fan of green glass in the aquarium and green blooming water, then do not install the aquarium by the window. In addition, direct sunlight heats the water in the aquarium, which quickly cools down as soon as the sun goes away. This variance in temperature adversely affects aquarium fish.

  • You should not put a fish tank next to the doors. 

Fish will be scared every time the door slams. You may not notice the sound of the door shutting, but for your fish, it will be a deafening roar due to the acoustics of water, floor and walls.  A slamming door will keep the aquarium fish in constant stress, which will have a negative impact on their health and longevity.

  • You should not put a fish tank under air conditioning or near a heater.

Fish do not like drastic temperature changes so you must make sure the fish tank is nowhere near the air conditioner or a heater.

  •  You should not put a fish tank in noisy places.

Constant walking past the aquarium will frighten aquarium fish, which again will affect their health.

  • You should not put a fish tank on the floor. 

An aquarium placed on the floor is very easy to break, this will inevitably lead to injuries. You, your children or your pets could easily bump into it.  Even though the surface on which you place the aquarium should be flat, the floor is not a good option. The aquarium should be placed at the eye level of a person sitting or standing so you can watch your fish without raising or lowering your head.

Fish Tank Location Video Guide — Where to Place Your Fish Tank

What Room Can I Place Fish Tank in?

Generally, any room can be a place where you can put a fish tank — living room, office, bedroom, corridor or even your kitchen.

Can a fish tank be in direct sunlight? No way! The main requirement here is that the fish tank must not be in direct sunlight — excess light will only do harm, because, the strong light can cause the microscopic green algae to multiply. The algae then cover the glass which leads to the water blooming.

Preferably, a fish tank should be put in the darkest place in the room. Bright light is necessary for fish only during spawning and vitamin deficiency, so you need to install a special backlight.

Is It OK to Put a Fish Tank Near a Window?

It is not okay to put a fish tank near a window because bright sunlight will do harm to fish which are sensitive to overheating. Direct sunlight can adversely affect their health and lead to their death.

During the day the aquarium, standing in the sun, warms up well, and at night, especially in the early morning, the water temperature drops by ten degrees. Even sturdy fish will not be able to tolerate such a sharp temperature drop. For this reason, aquariums should not be placed on window sills and near a window.

Is It OK to Put a Fish Tank Near a TV?

Fish tanks should not be put near your TV as fish do not like the electric field, loud noises and unnatural vibrations. For this reason, you should not put a fish tank near a piano or speakers.

How to Choose and Prepare a Place for a Fish Tank — Important Lifehacks

  • Choose a place to set up your aquarium away from sunlight. Water in the aquarium under direct sunlight can overheat and you will constantly need to fight against algae which will become a major problem for you.
  • Set the power line to the aquarium. A standard aquarium requires at least 4 mains sockets. It is highly recommended that you connect all the electrics through an RCD (residual current device). This will protect you and your fish from electric shock.
  • Make sure that the area under the aquarium stand is equal to or bigger than the bottom of the aquarium. It is important that the aquarium stands on the stand with its bottom, not with sides.
  • Ensure that the aquarium stand is capable of supporting 1.5 times the weight of your aquarium with water. Do not forget that with plants stones and decorations aquariums weigh much more than their estimated weight with water.
  • Make sure that the stand for the aquarium does not deform under load and level the surface of the stand with a level. If the load on the aquarium glass is not uniform, it can lead to leaks and cracks.
  • Leave some space behind the aquarium. If your fish tank is put right next to a wall, do not forget that you will need to hide wiring behind the fish tank.  If the aquarium stands along the wall, then it will be almost impossible to get behind it.
  • Clean the surface of the aquarium stand — even the smallest grain of sand can cause cracks in the bottom of the aquarium.

When you are thinking about where to place the fish tank, the main criterion should be not where it is more convenient for you personally to place it but how comfortable it will be for your fish.

It is much more satisfying to look at healthy and happy fish. And their health greatly depends on the place you will choose for them. Another important aspect of keeping your fish healthy is to look after them. We have prepared a step-by-step guide on what to know before buying your first fish tank, check it out here

All in all, if you follow all these steps, fish will bring harmony, tranquility and positive emotions, something that we usually lack in everyday life.


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